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Rachel C., Destiny W., Lucy R.

Lucy Robinson

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Lessons

Group Lessons by Rachel Connolly, Lucy Robinson, Destiny Williams Our 6 different children girls Eve Maria Smith nature smart Age: 4, small stature
Siblings: 2 older brothers
Personality: shy, but intelligent
Likes: playing outside, leading in clean up, being the mum when playing house
Occasional leader, mostly follower
Slow during transition, focused on the fine details Fav. subjects: science, math
Fav. areas: outside, house, sand & water Elana Rose Carter music smart Age: 5, average stature
Siblings: only child
Personality: knows how to interact (not shy or outgoing)
Likes: playing with cultural instruments, playing with others, dancing, singing, reading adventure books
Confident leader, likes to be heard
Average transition time, easily loses focus fav. subjects: music, reading fav. areas: library, table toys Layla Skye Hamilton picture/people smart Age: 3, small stature
Siblings: 2 older sisters
Personality: loves to be heard, not easily embarrassed; bubbly, bouncy, social, not easy to calm
Likes: playing princess/dress up, tea parties, ponies, being the boss but helping others, reading storybooks, arts & crafts
Dominant leader
Has a hard time paying attention to subjects that don't interest her fav. subjects: reading, arts & crafts, social
fav. areas: art, haouse corner, library, table toys as well as our boys Kyle Wesley Hatcher body smart Age: 3, big stature
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Personality: outgoing
Likes: going outside, playing sports (especially basketball and football), playing with toy cars, acting out dramatic scenes
Solid leader, can be reclusive
Fast during transition, likes to try new things, very open minded and accepting Fav. subjects: about me, math
Fav. areas: outside, blocks, house corner John Alexander Campbell math smart Age: 3, average stature
Siblings: 2 younger sisters, twins of 11 months (Kelly & Kyra)
Personality: very active, can focus when needs to
Likes: to play on the playground, playing duck duck goose
Occasional leader, mostly follower
Fast during transition, likes to get things over with Fav. subjects: math
Fav. areas: outside, the sandbox specifically (likes to find things) Brendan Tyson picture/word smart Age: 4, small stature
Siblings: 1 younger brother, 1 new baby brother
Personality: not very social, shy
Likes: reading, writing, arts & crafts
Quiet follower
Fast during transition, easily bored Fav. subjects: reading, art, likes learning as a whole
Fav. areas: library, art, table toys (puzzles, especially) Lessons math, science, reading, social skills, safety, & learning about me MATH leap frog counting Take lily pad cut outs and place numbers on them and lay them down in a line in order of the number. Call attention to the numbers on the lily pads and ask the children if they can name the numbers. Tell the children that they are going to take turns being frogs. They are going to jump from lily pad to lily pad and count while jumping, starting with number one. SAFTEY cars & appliances Have the children line up holding hands and have one student dressed as an oncoming car. Make sure the children look both ways and wait for the car (child) to pass. For hot appliances, have the children act out a hot device. One kid be the appliance (have them design their own cardboard costumes to wear), and have the other children act out what happens if they aren't safe and touch the appliance while it's hot. READING acting it out Have each child bring their favourite picture book and explain a specific part (their favourite) of the book by having them act it out while incorporating others. This will not only focus on literature and reading, but will keep the children engaged and encourage social skills. The book could be on any subject and could possibly be held outside if the weather permits. When all the children have finished, have them relay a specific story back, which will strengthen their memories and help with counting. SCIENCE colour names Take Popsicle sticks and design them each in a different color. Place the remaining sticks horizontally, and print the color names in bold, black letters. Have your child lay the sticks face up. Encourage her/him to pair the color names with their appropriately colored designs. When she/he matched them all up, have her/him show you her/his matches. Have her/him read each color name and show you the color she/he chose. LEARNING ABOUT ME Have the children draw a picture of what they are interested in and explain what it is, why they like doing it, how it's done, etc, while passing the picture around. Another idea would be to have the students act it out, like charades. For body parts, have one child stand up and another point to the parts they are showing, and pass around dolls with the labels clearly marked, so the kids can follow along. SOCIAL SKILLS E N D charades Social skills are all about teaching the children what is write or wrong. An idea might be to play patty cake. Have the children pair up, with a child of their choice or your pick, and teach them how to play patty cake. Teach the children to be friendly with one another if their partner messes up as the tempo gets faster and to be gentle when playing. patty cake
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