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the dream trip

No description

lauren roberts

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of the dream trip

Tortola, British Virgin Island pretty scenery not too busy Getting There! Depart from Detroit, Michigan at 8:05am and arrive at Dallas, Texas airport at 9:05am. Depart from Dallas, Texas at 1:30pm and arrive at San Juan at 7:20pm. Depart from San Juan at 8:25pm and arrive at Tortola at 9:04pm. $1,308 First Flexible Accommodation Can Garden Way Beach House 3 bedrooms
3 baths
house is on the beach
spacious living room
outdoor dinning terrace
fully equipped kitchen
air conditioned bedrooms
outdoor stone shower
ceiling fans
maid service "Its white sandy beach is a cliche of Caribbean charm, with sheltering palms." $3,200 per week (plus taxes) 25 minutes away from the airport. july 4th scuba diving Painted Walls Depth Range: 6-40 ft (1.8-12 m) Agenda july 5th tanning at the villa swimming with dolphins Dolphin Discovery, Prospect Reef, Tortola parasailing JULY 6TH Blue Sail BVI
Road Harbour, Tortola *all day Grand Slam Fishing
july 7th Road Town, Tortola *all day J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens july 8th Road Town, Tortola *all day july 9th Callwood Rum Distillery Cane Garden Bay, Tortola CURRENCY! US Dollar restaurants! The Boat House Manuel Reef Marina
Sea Cow's Bay, Tortola C & F Bar and Restaurant Purcell Estate, Road Town Capriccio di Mare 196 Waterfront Drive
Road Town, Tortola Clem's by the Sea Carrot Bay, Tortola Coco Plums Island Bar & Grill Little Apple Bay
West End, Tortola During the dry season the average high temperature wavers between 28°C and 29°C. The average low temperature gets down to around 21°C for much of the season. The lower humidity of the dry season and the cooling northeast trade winds prevent the heat from becoming oppressive. CLIMATE! SAFTEY CONCERNS There are no saftey concerns.
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