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English presentation - Fashion in Society

No description

Claire Lidon

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of English presentation - Fashion in Society

I. Main features

II. "World" of fashion?
Agata Sadkowska
Claire Lidon

Un porcentaje de lo que sea recaudado se donará a la fundación (Ellen west)/Poner logo
La sociedad impone un canon de belleza
No todos somos la belleza que dicta la sociedad.
Es importante ser único
Destacar los valores como parte clave del éxito y no la apariencia

The ways in which people have dressed has changed throughout history and differs from place to place around the world. It is not only influenced by the society and culture of a given place, but also by weather, environment, and the personal experiences, beliefs, and values of an individual.

By looking at the way an individual or group of people dresses, we can learn something about who they are and the society they live in.
A. Brief history of fashion
1858 : First Haute Couture
House in Paris
The flatter girl from the 1920s
The hippie movement in the 1960s
Jackie Kennedy
Disco influence on fashion:
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
The 1980s : dance wear, ripped sweatshirt.
Flashdance (1983) and Madonna
The 1990s : Goth look...
And the hypercolor clothing

Born in 1934
"Actually I am very glad that people can buy Armani-even if it's fake. I like the fact that I'm so popular around the world" GA
Yves Saint Laurent
"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." YSL

Born in 1939
"I don't design clothes, I design dreams" RL
Born in 1942
"It's fun seeing my label on someone's behind - I like that." CK
A. The role of media
The first fashion magazine : La Gazette du Bon Ton (1912) and its illustrations
Vogue : the longest-lasting and most successful fashion magazine...
... and its younger version
Fashion on television
A popular TV show following the life of "Ugly Betty" as she enters the world of fashion
A dedicated channel with fashion reality shows featuring famous models
1.The pressure to be skinny
Presented by fashion industry standards of beauty have influenced woman and girls perception of their body image. Imperfect body becomes a sign of an imperfect character, while the ideal body represents success, self-control and ultimate perfection.
2. The pressure to keep up with fashion brands - Name-brand obsession
"Some experts say that the obsession with brand names is a symptom of poor self-esteem. People are bombarded with information that clothes make you sexy or cool."
3. The pressure to be accepted – the pressure to conform.
"Fashion can be seen as a factor that determines how people view and define themselves. "
III. Deeper considerations
A. The year 2013 in fashion:
a renewal of body perceptions?
Fashion and diversity in 2013
Priyanka Chopra,
first Indian model for Guess
American singer Erykah Badu modeling for Givenchy's summer 2014 collection
Rick Owens' show for his spring-summer 2014 collection : curvaceous women from every ethnic group dance during the 2013 Fashion Week.
Fashion for all?
American Apparel's advertising campaign "Gay OK" in 2012, with transsexual model Isis King
Nike just signed with basketball player Brittney Griner who is openly lesbian, to be the star for their next ad campaign in 2014.
Diesel's campaign with New York fashion blogger Jillian Mercado, sitting in a wheel chair. Artistic director Formichetti told the press : "You don't have to be a conventional model type to represent a brand."
Fashion and the body :
+ Sizes and "curvy" clothes
B. Fashion as a way to shape our perception on bodies
Eden Miller presented the Spring/Summer 2014 collection for her clothing line Cabiria last week. It is the first + Size line to be shown at prestigious New York Fashion Week.

How Much Responsibility Does Industry Have?

Againts Abercrombie's desition to banish XL and XXL sizes, a blogger wrote to the CIO : "I challenge the separation of attractive and fat, and I assert that they are compatible regardless of what you believe".
Abercrombie apologized, and her letter and shooting had a major influence on its rivals.
Karrie, with trisomia 21 but modeling for + Sizes fashion brand
B. Fashion for a cause
"People in the fashion industry are often very socially conscious and are also in a great position to make a difference, as they tend to be highly visible to press. "
"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” - Mark Twain
Role of designers who embody the prestige of their brand
Fashion shows need media coverage to gain fame and recognition
The prescriptive look of fashion on bodies is now to be put into perspective with new trends in modeling and ad campaigns.
Questions for debate
How does fashion relate to our sense of identity?

Do you think that fashion is still relevant in a world at stake with the economic crisis?
A few numbers on fashion industry:

Median Annual Earnings for salaried fashion Designers in the US : $62.000
Annual global fashion industry revenue for the US only : $1,200,000,000,000
$20 million is funneled into the New York City economy during fashion weeks
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