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Pearl Diving

No description

Harsimran Grewal

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Pearl Diving

Pearl Diving Back Then and Now Equipment in Past What is Pearl Diving? Motives of Pearl Diving in Past The Past and Present Equipment Today Today, we have motor boats and oxygen tanks that make it much more easier diving for pearls. It is more efficient. Pearl divers can now stay underwater for a longer time. We have anchors from the boat with a strong rope. Early pearl divers practiced diving without breathing
equipment. They did not have technology so they had to make do with their wooden canoes and oars. They used ropes and heavy rocks to dive in the water at most times.
Pearl Diving is the method of collecting pearls from oysters under water. It requires strength, agility and strategic thinking. The pearling industry was the main income for people in the past who lived near the rivers and water. The land was usually too rough and barren to do any farming. The pearl was one of the most valuable goods in the barter trading system. It was very valuable and people could get a lot of money for it. It was major industry for Persian Gulfs. Done By: Gagan, Loveleen, Bonita, Harsimran There are many differences between pearl diving in the past and pearl diving in the present. The technology, technique and motive changed over time along with the resources. The importance of pearl diving lessened as new sources were discovered. On the other hand Motives of Pearl Diving in Present Nowadays, people go pearl diving for leisure. They
find diving for pearls amusing. Also, many professional divers dive for pearls as a show for tourists. Pearl diving is now primarily done for the tourist industry. Interpretation As more resources came available for income, the value of the pearl decreased because it was not needed anymore. Today, pearl diving is an activity that people view as fun because it is challenging. Now Interpretation Pearl diving is much more quicker and better than the past because of the new technology that has evolved. The submarines, motorboats and oxygen tanks assist a pearl diver in every way. In the past, retrieving pearls was time-consuming and struggling without the appropriate equipment. Apparel in Past In the past, there was not a specific clothing for pearl
diving. Long time ago, people dived in without their clothes. Slowly, people started to wear loin cloths. They wore a clip close to nostrils and leather sheaths to protect fingers/toes. Apparel Today Now Nowadays, there are rubber wet suits available that protect
pearl divers from dangers such as jellyfish, and cold temperatures. The apparatus is weightless in water. Interpretation People are have more protection today than back then
because of the well-made scuba-diving suits. Pearl
divers are safer in these suits while in the past, they were
prone to danger. Techniques in Past - boats were propelled by heavy oars.
- pearl diver would descend on a rope with an attached stone
- remain below surface for minute and half.
- men developed muscles

Pearl Diving Now - Many pearls are produced in cultural farms
but people still go diving
- Pearl Divers usually given scuba suit
- dive from boat with rope attached
- they swim near the area of the boat using flippers at most times Now Interpretation Pearl divers in the past
were stronger and were more muscular because they worked more physically. Techniques are more efficient now. In Conclusion, pearl diving has changed a lot throughout time according with techniques, systems and apparatus. They are the main differences between pearl diving in the past and pearl diving in the present.

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