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Fibonacci Sequence

Geometry: Je'Leese Yabuki, Harly Coldiron, Jeremy Markly, Rodney Washington

Je'Leese Yabuki

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Fibonacci Sequence

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE! How or where can you find the Fibonacci sequence in nature? No one knows?
Here is a video
that may help Created by: Je'Leese Yabuki,
Harley Coldiron,
Jeremy Mark
Rodney Washington In this video you see different forms of the Fibonacci sequence You see the Golden Ratio: 1.61803398875 The Golden Spiral Do you know the significance of the
number 137.5? Do you have any questions about the video?
Did you notice anything about the video? This wasn't in the video, but
another place you may find the
Fibonacci series is in
Pascal's Triangle Pascal's Triangle: LET'S WORKS ON EXAMPLES! Complete the sequence:
1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13... Now back to the video. Come on and just give us a guess :) The significance of the
number 137.5 is that it is the
DEGREE of the golden ratio. If you paid close enough attention to the video we showed you,
you would see that in the beginning it tells you how to find the next number of the sequence. 0+1=1
etc. Therefor 1,1,2,3,5,8... Now we will teach you
how to make an

This will show you how Phi (The Golden Ratio) is used in nature. Here are 30 seconds of a short video
since no one in this group has artistic
capabilities. ENOUGH OF TALKING
ABOUT NATURE! Let's relate this to math!
Apart from +, how does the
Fibonacci series relate to math and the Golden Spiral? FUN FACT!
Fibonacci did not actually
discover this recurring
pattern, but it was
discovered several centuries
before in India. The Fibonacci Sequence can be found
in many places of mathematics. In Functions that can seem
SIMPLE and some seem HARD Now how is it related to
AND WE'LL SHOW YOU HOW! Thank you for watching
our presentation on the
Fibonacci sequence! Fun Fact: artists
such as Leonardo
Da Vinci used the
golden ratio to
create his artwork.
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