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Social Networking and Mobile Subjectivity

An analysis of Nayar's Packaging Life, Chapter 9.

Jennifer Coon

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking and Mobile Subjectivity

Social Networking and Mobile Subjectivity Myspace, Facebook, Twitter Have transformed the way people interact with eachother, communicate, and exchange ideas. Earning power has been transformed by the sociability of the young.
This is dominated by "a virtual ecistence and traversals". Mobile phones constitute a new element in socialability.
Multiple forms of communication are available all on the move as a result of this convergence. "Such networked bodies are cyborged." Nayar, p. 142 Subjectivity and identity increasingly depend on being mobile. "Mobililty is about transmission, communication, and connection." Moving across The language How language and distance have shrunk over history. "Subjectivity depends upon being on the orad or online."
You lose connections if you are not mobile. "Connectivity is all." Nayar, p. 144
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