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Dr. Josef Mengele

"Angel of Death", cruel pyschian at Auschwitz Death Camp

Sam Schmidt

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Dr. Josef Mengele

Dr. Mengele joined the Nazi party in 1937. In 1938 he earned his medical degree from the University of Frankfurt and joined the SS. He ended up in Auschwitz after being wounded in battle in 1942 on the Russian Front. After he was pronounced unfit for battle, he volunteered to go to a concentration camp and found himself at Auschwitz. Dr. Josef was an extremely cruel Nazi SS Officer and a Head Physician at the Auschwitz death camp. Dr. Josef Mengele; "The Angel of Death" Don't let his calm demeanor fool you, for he was an extremely cruel and vicious man. At Auschwitz he became infamous for experimenting on people. Most of the people Dr. Josef Mengele experimented on died. Some of his experiments consisted of injecting chemicals into people's eyes to attempt to change their iris color. In others he used pressure chambers, tested people with harmful and unsafe drugs, castrated men, and froze people to death. He also performed surgery and sterilization procedures, all of which were performed without any anesthesia. His main goal while he was at Auschwitz was to try to figure out how to create twins. That way he could double the rate of growth of the aryan race. To try to fufill this task he would go to horrible measures such as killing twins and dissecting their bodies to study their insides. Dr. Mengele mainly focused on identical twins at Auschwitz. He tried to reach the goal of doubling the rate of growth of the aryan race. To fufill this task he killed and dissected twins to study their internal parts. When new arrivals of inmates ( jews and gypsys ) came to Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele was the one who inspected them and directed some of the group to the left and some to the right. The left side would be immediately escorted to the gas chambers and the other side to hard labor. This picture shows Dr. Mengele preparing to do a experiment on a child. This is a picture of the medical block at Auschwitz where Dr. Mengele would experiment on people. This is the medical block at Auschwitz where Dr. Mengele would experiment on people. For as evil as Dr. Mengele was the good of the world overcame him. Despite all of Dr. Josef Mengele's evil, goodness prevailed in the end.
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