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The Hound by Robert Francis

No description

Lileth Phillips

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of The Hound by Robert Francis

The Hound by Robert Francis
The Hound
Life the hound
Comes at a bound
Either to rend me
Or to befriend me.
I cannot tell
The hound's intent
Till he has sprung
At my bare hand
With teeth or tongue.
Meanwhile I stand
And wait the event.
"Life the hound/Equivocal/Comes at a bound"
The author shows us how life comes unexpected.

"Either to rend me/Or to befriend me".
This means that life can either hurt you or support and care for you.
"I cannot tell/ The hound's intent/Till he has sprung at my bare hand/With teeth or tongue."
The speaker continues to talk about life by saying that he would not be able to tell which way life is taking him until it is there in his hands.
"Meanwhile i stand/ And wait the event."
The author tells us that he has to wait for things to happen patiently to see what the future holds for him.
What literary device is being used?
The literary device being used is a Metaphor; comparison between two things
using like or as.
What two things are being compared?

The two things being compared is a hound and life.
In the poem "The Hound", Robert Francis compares how mysterious and unpredictable dogs are to life using metaphor to show life uncertain.
The writer states, "Life the hound/Equivocal/ Comes at a bound/Either to rend me/Or to befriend me." The speaker compares the habits of a hound to life to show that they are similar in a way of not knowing what will happen next. There is a possibility that life can break you or make you.
What's the purpose of this poem?
The purpose of the poem "The Hound" is to show how a dogs reaction is just like life. They are both questionable and suspicious because no one knows what will happen next.
What effect does the device have on the purpose of the poem?
In the poem "The Hound by Robert Francis, the writer compares life to a dog. He shows how mysterious and unpredictable dogs are to life with the use of Metaphor. "Life the hound" helps to describe many of our life situations. For instance, in life people put on these fake and phony appearances and pretend to be on another trustworthy friends. They can come into your life and deceive you. The author uses a hound to describe the encounters between people. As simple as the poem may read the deeper meaning of life is very strong. There is no way of knowing what will happen when we take a path in life. The speaker knows the hound can either hurt him but just knowing that it could also be friendly says alot about the speakers positive outlook on life.
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