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Aoibh and Abby school

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of America

Where is America?
the 1st american president
George washington
The statue of liberty
The united states of America or the USA is on the west side of the world it is made up of 50 states and has had exactly 44 presidents.The capital of America is Washington DC.The largest state is Alaska and the smallest is Rhode island.The population today is over 315 million people.
Americas current president
Americas first president was George washington he was born on the thirteenth of december 1732 he took office in 1789 on april 30th and he left office in march 4th 1797. his vice president was thomas jefferson Who was also Americas second president. He married martha washington and he died on December 4th 1799.
American foods

Some of Americas everyday eaten foods are...
Pancakes,Pie Macaroni and cheese,chilli, Hot dogs,Tacos, ,waffles and Corn Dogs they are also responsable for Mc donalds, Burger king ,Eddie Rockets,Captain Americas and TGI fridays.

This burger was actually eaten on an episode of Man vs food!!! They serve these in Mac Donalds but not that big!!!
First ever Mac Donalds add 1967!!
The statue of Liberty is in the middle of New York city it is 93m in height.It was a gift from france in 1886.The robed female figure represents Liberatas the Roman godess of Freedom.There are 25 windows in her crown.She also holds a torch with a tablet showing the date of independence day in America.
Visitors have to climb 354
stairs to reach her crown
Fun facts

Lady Liberty wears a size 879 in shoe!
She has a 35 foot waistline
300 different types of hammers were used to make her !
The statue cost over 10,000,000 euro today.
Andy Warhol painted a pop art version of t he statue in the 1960s it is estimated to be worth $35m.

Americas current president is Barack Obama
He was elected in January in 2009.He is married to Mitchelle Obama and he has two daughters Sasha and Malia.
Americas Current president
Americas current president is Barrack Obama he was elected in 2009 January.He was born on August 4th 1961.He was Americas first African American president.He is married to Mitchelle Obama and has two daughters Sasha and Malia.

Americas most famous states.

The capital of Americas is washington DC but there are many other famous states with big tourist attractions.
Sky view of Times Square
American TV
Today is responsable for most Tv including Disney Pixar and Dreamworks.The also have created National Geographic, the Big Bang Theoryand they created Nickoloden Disney and other kids shows.
Thank you

Thank you for listening to my project i know America is a big country so i left out a lot of the other facts but i hope you enjoyed it. has anyone got any questions?
Madonna louise Cicone
was born in Michigan
in 1958 she is a Singer, Actress, Director and Author
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