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career project


Felicia DeKlyen

on 1 March 2010

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Transcript of career project

school principal Job description: to work with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards. Principal needs to be able to hire teachers, visit classrooms, and evalate a teacher's work. As a principal you have to be able to make important decisions that affect the school you work at. Salary: If working at an elementary school you will earn about $63,000 Felicia DeKlyen physical demands: Speak clearly so listeners can understand.
Stand for long periods of time. You work indoors. As a principal
you work inside the school. Employment outlook: Many job openings will occur as people retire or leave the job for other reasons. Fewer teachers will want this job because they are not interested in becoming a principal. Education and training: To become a principal you need to have a master's or doctoral degree in educational administration or leadership. Most principals have previous experience as teachers or counselors. For the first year you will be training as an education administrator. Many states require you to take continuing education courses each year. This is so you keep your skills up to date and maintain your license. Advancement Opportunities A principal at an elementary school may advance to become the principal of a high school. Assistant principals who are experienced and have good administrative skills may advance to become principals. Wages: If you work at an elementary school you wil earn about $63,000. Middle school, you will earn $67,000. High school, you will earn $72,000. Summary: After reseaching this job i have decided that i would choose trhis job. The pay is good, and you don't have to work outside you work indoors. And also it doesn't take to much to become a principal.
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