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Electrolyte Challenge

No description

Kelsee Irwin

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Electrolyte Challenge

Results: Conclusion: Electrolyte Challenge
Kelsee Irwin Procedure: 1) Put the pen cap in the distilled water and record the information
2)Put the pen cap in the tap water and record then rinse in all 3 of dH2O rinse bowls.
3)Put pen cap in sports drink and record then rinse in tap water and all 3 dH2O rinse bowls.
4) Repeat with other liquids. My hypothesis was WRONG. Pickle juice has the most electrolytes and is therefore the BEST thing to replenish your body. Hypothesis: If I tested all of my drinks to see which has the most electrolytes, then Gatorade will have the most. Distilled water: 0
Tap water: 0.011
Orange Juice:0.067
Pickle Juice:0.834 But what does this mean?... -Electrolytes are essentially salts that carry an electrical charge.
-Your body needs them so your cells can communicate with each other and preform necessary functions.
-Without them it leads to things such as muscle cramping.
-Replenish your body's electrolytes! Thank you!
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