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No description

nel mendoza

on 25 September 2015

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I. Project Summary
Leche Flantastic !

a. Name of Enterprise

The business proponents came up with the “Belle’s Sweet Heaven” as the name of the business as it will sells one of the dessert delicacy in the market which is Leche flan. The business name ‘Belle’ represents the name of the owner.
b. Location

The location of the enterprise will be in J.P Rizal St. Sta. Lucia Novaliches Quezon City. It is located in the inner part of the market within the Brgy. Sta. Lucia, also it has a lot of establishments and retailers in the area.
c. Descriptive definition of the project
This is the company logo which has the nickname of the business owner. The text is typed in color red because it means that the owner has passion in making the business feasible and long lasting. However, the heart logo with wings means that the business will offer ‘sweet delicacy that tastes like heaven’.
d. Projects long Range Objectives
 After 5 years the business will have different flavor of leche flan aside from sweet potato. Additional flavors such as cookies and cream and squash flavor.

 The business will expand after 10 years of business operations in Quezon City and in Novaliches Bayan Market.

 The business is planning to increase its production every year and its employees after 5 years.

e. Feasibility Criteria
 The business will be feasible based on the survey conducted by the researcher.

 In the location selected by the researcher, there is no direct competitor that has physical store, only one that is doing order basis or only makes homemade leche flan unless consumer orders.

 The income statement shows that the business will be feasible.

f. Highlights of the project
i. History

The project was researched requirements of the degree taken and because of the interest and inclination of the researcher to any kind of desserts; she made the Leche Flan as her first choice in deciding what product is to be offer in the market.
ii. Project time table and status
iii. Nature of Industry

The industry belongs to food industry. Food industry is widely known and even food is easy to sell. As you know that food is one of the basic needs of people to be able to survive and give strength to do the things he wanted.

iv. Mode of Financing

50% of the business capital will be coming from the researcher’s own money or savings and the other 50% will be coming from a bank loan.

v. Investment Cost

The initial investment that will be needed for the business is P250, 000.

g. Summary of findings and conclusions

1. Market Feasibility Study
a. Demand Survey Analysis

b. Demand Analysis
c. Supply Analysis
d. Demand-Supply Analysis
2. Technical Feasibility Study
The product is called Leche Flantastic which is sweet potato flavor. The product’s packaging is in 2.5 oz plastic cups with a wooden spoon to be able to eat it. It will be place in a plastic bag if it’s take out. The volume of production in a month is 14,328 pieces.

3. Financial Feasibility Study
Balance Sheet
4. Organization and Management
Feasibility Study
The business has three (3) personnels which are 2 crews and 1 helper. The crews are responsible for entertaining the customers and can help in the production of the products, while the helper is the one responsible for purchasing the raw materials, producing the products and responsible for maintenance and repair.
5. Socio-economic Feasibility Study
Belle’s Sweet Heaven will contribute to economy through:

 Paying right taxes to the government.

 This business will provide job opportunities to many individuals.

 It will promote local brands in the philippines by buying raw materials of the product to the local manufacturers, producers, suppliers and retailers.

End... :)
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