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Power Corrupts

No description

Tanner Corrie

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Power Corrupts

Power Corrupts
Macbeth - "Both of you know Banquo was you enemy"
Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 25-26
Macbeth - "If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
It were done quickly.
Act 1, Scene 7, Lines 1-2
Macbeth - "Fleance, his son, that keeps him company, Whose absence is no less material to me, Than is his father’s, must embrace the fate, Of that dark hour"
Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 150-154
Explanation #4
Macbeth is speaking to the murderers poisoning their minds telling them that Banquo hath forsaken them, not himself. He is telling them that Banquo is the enemy and he is the good person, therefore they will not feel bad about killing Banquo and Fleance.

This shows that Macbeth thinks he is able to control what people are thinking, and what they will do because he is telling the murderers that Banquo is their enemy and they believe it. therefore feeding Macbeth's power that much more.
Unlike Macbeth, Hitler used his political skills to gain his position of power. He would also promise the german people lots of things and poisoned their minds so that they would turn on the Jewish people. when he came into the highest power through a multitude of speeches, promises and inner help, he used his power for evil. Even though he did help Germany out of its economic depression from losing WWI, he used his power to kill 6 million Jew as well as 5 Million other non jewish Europeans in the process
In conclusion, these quotes are just some examples of people getting more power than they can handle and use it to get more and more and do anything to keep it
In the play, when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are given more power then they can handle, or get the ambition for more power, they start to become corrupt and they use it to manipulate and kill people to gain a higher position keep them in it
1st Quote
Lady Macbeth - "Hie thee hither,
That I may pour my spirits in thine ear
And chastise with the valor of my tongue
All that impedes thee from the golden round,
Which fate and metaphysical aid doth seem
To have thee crowned withal."
Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 24-29
In this quote the person speaking is Lady
Macbath and she is speaking to herself.
She is saying that she would like Macbeth to
come home so she can convince him to proceed
with killing Duncan because he is having second
thoughts about going forth and killing him. Her side of it is that fate and witchcraft wants him to become king so what could go wrong. She succeeds in convincing him to do so.

If Macbeth never told her about the prophecies, then she would never have convinced him to go ahead and kill Duncan and she or Macbeth would have become corrupted by power, but then there would be no play so this had to happen in order to carry on the play.
2nd Quote
Explanation #2
In this quote, Macbeth is talking to himself about how if he were to kill Duncan, it is best to be done quickly if it were to be done at all.

This was said after Lady Macbeth has convinced him to go forth and kill Duncan, and Macbeth is trying to figure out the right way to do it with no one finding out that it was him.

This relates to our topic because he is willing to do anything to get the power of the crown, therefore showing that the idea of what he will be able to do as king is making him able to kill a friend that trusts him and thinks of him as a good friend, which makes it that much worse.
5th Quote
Explanation #5
In this quote, Macbeth is talking to both murderers telling them that it is just as important to kill Fleance as is to kill Banquo, because Fleance is Banquo's son and he may have shared the prophesies with Fleance, so he may know that it was Macbeth who was the one who killed Duncan.

Macbeth has become paranoid of people finding out that it was him that killed Duncan, so he is using his power to his advantage by killing the people that have suspicions about the killing of Duncan. He is also paranoid that Banquo might steal his position because one of the prophecies said that his sons will become kings, so Macbeth is afraid that this prophecy will become true.
Explanation #6
Macbeth is taking to Seyton, telling him to send out horsemen to go off and kill anyone who is spreading fear about him killing Duncan because he is all paranoid about his position and anyone finding out how he got to be there.

Macbeth is using his power to send horsemen to kill of any one that is showing any sign of fear or intrest in the killing of Duncan because he is becoming even more paranoid and thinks just because he is king he can do whatever he wants
4th Quote
6th Quote
Macbeth - "Send out moe horses, skirr the country round; Hang those that talk of fear"
Act 5, Scene 3, Lines 40-41
3rd Quote
I have no spur
To prick the sides of my intent, but only
Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself
And falls on th' other
Act 1, Scene 7, Lines 25-28
Explanation #3
In this quote Macbeth explains that he has no other reason for killing the king other than ambition. He compares his ambition an overly egar horse rider, who in trying to jump onto the horse saddle,jumps over the horse.

His ambition for killing the king is only the tip of the iceberg in his road to corruption. He could wait for the witches' prophecy to come true seeing as he did nothing to earn the title of Thane of Cawdor, but instead of being patient, he goes ahead and kills Duncan.
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