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Famous Last Words

No description

julian felix

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Famous Last Words

Author's purpose/Point of view
The author's purpose is just for entertainment
The setting takes place in a house in L.A.It used to belong to Diana Del Mar a famous movie actress
The conflict is mostly of Willa and Jonathan shes trying to trust him and get used to him to even call him dad.The other conflict is mostly also about Willa and the ghosts cause they always try to harm her and her mom.
Famous Last Words
The Genre of this book is sci-fi, Willa the main character moves into a new house with her mom and moms boyfriend,Willa is seeing dead people around the house but more often in the pool.
The characters in this book are Willa (the main character), mom (doesn't say her name) and the moms new boyfriend Jonathan.Her real dad died (never says how he died.)
The mood in this book is frustrated because Willa is trying to get used to Jonathan and the new house and living in the city instead of Connecticut and the dead people are trying to harm her.
The tone is mostly sarcastic Willa says a lot of things in her head and out loud sarcasticaly.
by:Katie Alender
prezi created by: Julian Felix
The author's point of view is 1st person because the book has a lot of I and me.
When Willa was pulled into the pool by a ghosts the saw flashes and those flashes gave her images of her name in a grave and that made Willa start to give up on trying to survive from drowning.
Flash back:
Before Willa got in the pool in the backyard of Jonathan's house she didn't know if she wanted to swim after what happened to her real dad.
The irony found in the book is the part when willa says before she moved in the new house is " since this is L.A I bet the house will be a huge house and can be pulled off as a mansion." Willa was right it was the size of a mansion.
Unknown Words
Derivative :
Work from another person.
Abruptly :
Sudden or unexpected.
A conversation or activity including two people.
Unwilling to do something
many arranged parts or details.
Reading strategies
Asked questions and looked back at the book.
sounded words I didn't understand in my head.
read at my own pace.
Book recommendation
I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Sci-Fi or anticipation and cant wait to read the whole book.I constantly read this book and made me feel like i was there by all the detail that's in the book.
copyright 2014 Julian Felix inc. all rights reserved
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