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City of Ember

No description

mark gersten

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of City of Ember

City of Ember About our Story -the city of Ember is running out of supplies
-Lina finds instructions and shares them with Doon
-They find out that the mayor is storing food for himself
-Lina and Doon leave the city along with Linas little sister Poppy
-they find the outside world and a small hole in a hill
-the hill leads to a way above Ember
- so they throw a note down along with a way to escape
-The people of Ember find it and start to come to the new city Characters -Lina
-Cheif guard
-Mayor Cole
-Cheif builder Opinions Raffi: I loved this book since it was detailed and had a good plot with action and mystery. Mark:I loved this book
because it keeps you hooked
to know what will happen next and has a great ending that deserves another book in the series. but as Javier said we had limits
(cough Cough) Javier:
I really liked the book because the book always made you want to read more
and more but we had a limit. Setting The first setting was in the city of Ember the places in Ember were the school, the pipeworks, Ms Murdo's house, Doon's house, Lina's house, Mayor's building , the Gather Center and a couple different stores. The second setting is a place way different from Ember which is dirty and had no light and had many suffering people, In the second setting there were animals and light from the sun and they are not in a hole so they get fresh air and they saw no people. Problem and solution Problem: The city of Ember is losing power and having many shortages and the mayor is not helping them Doon and Lina find instructions to leave the city and find a better place where they can live People of Sparks At the end they find a sweet town called sparks. Genres

#1 Sci-Fi
Reason: It is coming to the end of man time so they made a safe house for 200 years.

#2 realistic fiction
because they are under ground with
lights and they live in houses.

#3 mystery
Reason: It Solution: they find a way out and they tell all the others and they find a ha[ppier place
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