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This is a slide show about different cultures and their stereotypes.

Kameron Packard

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture

What is Culture? Culture is a term used by social scientists for a people's whole way of life. Culture consists of learned ways of acting, feeling and thinking, rather than biologically determined ways. Stereotypes Stereotypes are generalizations, or assumptions, that people make about the characteristics of all members of a group, based on an image (often wrong) about what people in that group are like. Let's look at several common stereotypes American Indians Can you see any stereotypes in this picture? Not all American Indians dress this way, wear their hair in that way, or carry around feathers. This picture is a stereotypical view of American Indians. This picture of an American cowboy is much less stereotypical. Most cowboys do live in the south, but they live many other places nowadays and are not a thing of the past. American Cowboy Teenagers This pictures shows the teenagers as tattoed and angry people. They only wear black and have piercings. These people are in the minority and these stereotypes are taken to the extreme in this picture. Americans According to this stereotypical picture, all Americans are fat. This is obviously not the case even though many people view Americans like this. Gangs Not all gangs are minorities and they are not all covered in tattoos, despite what this stereotypical picture would have you think. Hippies This final stereotypical picture shows hippies, playing a guitar, with long hair and wearing many bright colors. Many hippies do not do some or all of these things.
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