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On Call Yo!

Review of RA protocols & expectations regarding being on call

Joyce Milling

on 30 August 2009

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Transcript of On Call Yo!

On Call Yo! Broken broken cua-housing@cua.edu The RA is on call from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. The RA on call may NOT leave the area during assigned duty hours unless approved by the Area Coordinator. As emergency situations arise, RAs may be asked to assume extra responsibilities.
RA is on duty during the day on the weekend and on holidays for the entire campus *YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO: KNOW THE SCHEDULE- WHO's on BEFORE you
and AFTER you Pick UP the day duty BAG and PAGER from your RHO RESPOND to issues on CAMPUS as they ARRISE Walk to EACH RHO and change
the VOICE MAIL drop OFF the day duty BAG and PAGER to the RHO
of the next person on duty Stay on CAMPUS, sober & ready for action 7pm: Go to RHO & pick up pager!
Page in to AC on call
Dial 202-996-4965. Enter your neighborhood’s 2 digit code and press #. Stagered Community Walks:
7pm- change on call boards
10pm- walk halls check for FMO issues, furniture that is missing/broken, connect with residents, confront policy violations, etc.
2am- repeat only on weekends Complete A Community Walk Log 9 am: Return pager
& Community Walk Log to RHO Alcohol pg. 11 Drugs pg. 12 Fixing Broken Stuff... FIRE pg. 17 Medical Emergency pg. 18 Missing Students pg. 19 Harassment pg. 20 Emotional Crisis pg. 21 A C WHen do I contact the ? Suicide or attempted suicide
Assault or fighting
Medical emergencies
Fire alarm activation or fires
Death of a student
Bomb threats
Student concerned about an unplanned pregnancy, distraught over abortion, or having trouble with decisions regarding pregnancy
Unusual maintenance problem
Assistance/permission in keying into a student room
Any situation that requires special assistance
If the RA feels a student needs additional advising or is unstable
Whenever the RA feels uncomfortable dealing with a situation
Conflicts with on Call? At least 48hrs. before conlfict, find another RA who is willing to switch on call with you
Fill out an on call switch form together and turn into your AC
Wait for email confirmation from AC
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