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English Course for police officers

No description

Stefano Lovato

on 23 August 2015

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Transcript of English Course for police officers

Lenght of the course: 60 hours

The course is based on the real situations that the Police Officers have to solve, in relation to an intermediate level B1.

Methodology: Communicative Language Teaching
Role Play
A person who has just been robbed
Interviewing a suspected thief
Questioning eyewitnesses
Notifying family members of an accident
Filling out paperwork for someone applying for a resident’s permit
Pulling a tourist over for speeding
Asking to see someone’s passport
Giving directions to someone who is lost.
Monday, August 23, 2015
At the end of the course, the Police Officers will be able to:
Use all the vocabulary related with their profession.
Get familiar with real situations in english as pulling people over, interrogation, solving crimes, helping tourists, getting id’s, etc.
Deal with most situations likely to arise while working in an area where the language is spoken.
Produce simple texts on topics related with Police Officers.
Describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans that commonly Police Officers have.
English Course for Police Officers
Alexandra Jiménez - Stefano Lovato
At the end of the course, the Police Officers will take an exam about all the knowledge the have learnt, according to a B1 level of English.
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