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No description

Michael Sidebotham

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Advertainment

National Cheng Kung University
International Master of Business Administration
(IMBA) Program Advertising Management Professor Tien Wang, Ph.D Group 1 RA66991078 Chloe Chung

RA6987508 Nicole Kim

RA6977422 Michael Sidebotham Introduction People find a way to avoid inevitable commercials.
PVR, DVR, TiVo Advertainment = Advertising + Entertainment
1999, Patrizia Musso Current Trends First Level Sponsorship Soap Operas No Direct Message Pure Association Microsoft The Guild Second Level Brand as a character Directly tell core message Castaway FEDEX I am Sam Starbucks Could backfire Third Level Brand as a Schemer Indirectly push core message Influence audience SWOT Analysis The rising of the media—TiVo, DVRs, and online technology The increase of spending on electronic media PQ Media Global Branded Entertainment Marketing Forecast 2010-2014: The spending will rise by a compounded annual growth rate of 9.2 through 2014 Opportunity Strength Effective—the significant outcome BMW "The Hire" : sales numbers in 2001 increased 12% movies viewed over 11,000,000 times in four months; 2,000,000 people registered with the website Impressive—alignment of brand characteristic and content well-written content + brand characteristics and image = impressive Weakness Costly—multimedia integrations Limited—the range of segmentations Threat Regulations towards advertainment Ethical issue Consumer advocacy groups are lobbying for stronger regulation. Future Web Programs Video games Music Advertainment
Combining Advertising and Entertainment Advertisements are everywhere!! Thank You !
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