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Dr. Joseph Warren

No description

Austin Metcalf

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Dr. Joseph Warren

Dr. Joseph Warren
By: Austin Metcalf
Born June 11, 1741 Roxbury Massachusetts
His family has been in Massachusetts for over a century before the Revolution
Was raised on a American outlook (normally seen in his work)
Educated at Harvard
Was a surgeon who even invaded a cemetery with his peers for corpses to operate on
The Freemasons gave Warren a way to make political ties
At age 28 he was made Grand Master in Boston
Then in 1772 he was the Grand Master of the entire Freemasonry

Midnight Ride
Warren is the one responsible for the Midnight Ride
Sent William Dawes an hour before Paul Revere
One by sea and one by land
Died June 17, 1775 at Charlestown (died at age 34)
Fought in the battle of Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill)
He fought off the last wave of British troops
Killed by being shot in the head
Benedict Arnold
Took care of Warren's children
Paid $500 for their education
Got half of Warren's pay for his children until they come to age
Was good friends with Joseph Warren
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