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Benefits of Career Guidance

No description

Andrea Hilditch

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Benefits of Career Guidance

Confidence Motivation Focus Benefits of having a Career Guidance Appointment It's more than just CVs and applications..... Guidance is about YOU. It's focussed on your needs and your skills, abilities and experience. We reflect back to you statements we hear you saying about things you've done....this can often boost confidence. How you talk about yourself and what someone else hears/ interprets can be very different. Seeing all of your achievements on paper can help you to value what you have done. -Why did you do that?
-What made you decide to do something?
-How did it make you feel?
....just a few of the questions we might ask to question the motivation behind your decisions. So many thoughts in your head relating to your future career? Going round in circles, never getting anything done about it? We help you to prioritise and look at what is most important to you. Which task first? Who can you speak to? How can YOU make it happen? ....some of the questions we may ask you to help you focus. "Guidance was a huge confidence booster that I am heading in the right direction and the Careers Adviser keeps things very positive."
Environmental Science student "Excellent advice and guidance. It gave me good motivation to want to achieve."
Sports Coaching graduate "I found the advice given and the time the Careers Adviser took to explain the focus is on me to look at my options invaluable. I am very grateful."
Education graduate "It has helped me to feel better about my career direction - That my path is the right one." Art student "As a result of the guidance appointment, I am now going to put into action the plans discussed during the session and to have more self-belief."
Art student Does it sound like what you need?
Contact Glyndwr Careers Centre on 01978 293240/ pop into the Centre for Employability.
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