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Immigration policy

No description

lars 00rtwijn

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Immigration policy

Immigration To Sweden

Lars Oortwijn Immigrants could help Sweden.
Problems Caused by Immigration.
Current Immigration Platform.
How Geography affects Immigration.
Perfect Platform Immigration Could Help Sweden
More Swedishness
More immigrants go illigal Problems Caused by Immigration
Immigrants living off welfare
Immigrants can't find jobs
Sweden are upset Current Policy
Rules on working conditions.
Employers choose their employees
Free language Geography
GDP Sweden: $37,500
GDP Iraq: $3,700 Eastern Europeans
Sweden Industrialized Unite Europe
Less Poverty
Moneys not an issue Devide Immigrants up
Moving = against Geneva Conventions
Only new immigrants Tax Break
1/4% off every 1% Give Immigrants a Chance
Equal chances Unite Europe
Divide Immigrants Among Europe
Give Companies Tax Breaks My Platfrom Will Work! Countries can stay indepentand
Join later on No Borders:
Immigrants move themself
Towards work
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