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East Africa

No description

Brandon Williams

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of East Africa

East Africa by brandon W. Michael Garlena Government popular culture physical Geography Traditional People visit Republic,national unity, presidental,Muliparty sysytem They get alot of torrists and have factory like cars and soda factories.
some still fram crops. some branches of christanity and muslium. No I would not like to visit South Africa because there aren't alot of urban area's and I'm not good with outdoors and if I was to visit in a tribe I would probably wander off and get killed by a lion.And I don't want to live some other place where it gets to hot for me to go outside. countries in this region- sudan, Etheopia Eritrea Somalia, Uganda,Kenya, Rwanda,bundi,tanzania Comoros, Dijibouti,madagascar, Seychelles mauritius

location- East Africa is boradered by the red sea and the indian ocean Massai a tribe in East Africa . Nomades live between kenya and tanzania.Indepedenent have rituals.Men protect villages and cattel women cook and build house's.what are they like- the massai choose herding over livelihood. speakers of the maa language referd to as olama. There jumping danaces show of warrior strenght,warriors show there strenght by killing a lion Climate-destert,steppe,tropical rain frosest,and differeniated highlands PhysicalGeography
Traditional People popular
culture Visit
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