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Audiolingual Method: Relative Clauses

Presentation for intermediate students containing information about relative clauses

Alice Maza

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Audiolingual Method: Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses Are used to avoid subject repetition in consecutive sentences.
Taylor Swift is my favorite pop singer.
Taylor Swift sings ''Love story''. Taylor Swift, who sings ''Love Story, is my favorite pop singer. Defining relative clauses I have two sisters.
My sister who lives in Huacho is taller than me .
My brother has three different Rubik's cubes.
My bro's cube which is the biggest one is broken. Then repeat the structure with .. Non - defining relative clauses My boyfriend Carlos, who is really lucky, won two tickets for Fito Paez' concert. My best friend Vanessa ,who is very nice ,went to
Big Bang's concert. Relative Pronouns who whom Whose Which That Let's play a game... Hot seat!!! Use the relative clauses to help your partner guess the names of the famous characters , places and things . Thank you very much for your attention !!! Audio- lingual method Applied to teach Relative Clauses By Alice Maza Olivares
MH-1 Gianmarco- Una canción de amor-ballad Marc Anthony- Y ahora quien -salsa Eminem-Loose Yourself-rap
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