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Lines Can Show Movement

2nd Grade Line

Lindsey Riker

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Lines Can Show Movement

Lines can Show
Who is Vincent van Gogh?
Line - a mark drawn by a tool such as a pencil, pen, or paintbrush as it moves across a surface
What is a line?
uses line
Franz Marc
Where do you see movement made by lines?
How to Make a Starry Night
Practice making movement lines with your finger on the black paper.
Pick out colors of oil pastels that would work for a night sky.
Draw stars and maybe a moon first on your black paper.
Trace around your stars and moon using movement lines.
Fill your whole paper and write your name on the back .
Day 1
How to make a Starry Night
Day 2
Tear pieces of paper for the ground and the tree. Make sure you tear them the LONG way
Overlap your ground paper along the bottom of your black paper.
Glue down your ground and tree starting with the ones on the bottom.
1. Watch movement lines.

2. Who is Vincent van Gogh?

3. What is a line?

4. Find movement lines in art.

5. Work time - Day 1

6. Clean-up
1. Review lines

2. Who painted Starry Night?

3. Work time - Day 2

4. Self-Reflection

5. Free choice
a. Pages 37-51

6. Clean-up
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