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Farnsworth Vocabulary

All vocab seen in Mr. Farnsworth's AP English 11 class. By Morgan Hebert

Morgan Hebert

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Farnsworth Vocabulary

Created by Morgan Hebert Farnsworth Vocabulary lament, cacophony,
bulwark, austere, aloof,
cerebral, incongruous,
chattel, connoisseur,
expunge trenchant, procrastinate, roster
impede, forbear, migratory, evade
efface, asunder, incite lassitude, ambiance, ballistics,
cranny, enrage,
cubism, propulsive, girth quixotic, beleaguer, milieu,
histrionic, bludgeon, arduous,
dulcet, porcine Started 25 January 2013 Week 3 Week 2 Week 1 Week 4 Week 5 aptitude, irascible, gossamer, giddy,
cower, queue, chronic, harrowing,
laconic, endure lament to express sorrow, grief or regret cacophony harsh sounds bulwark a defensive wall austere stern; without excess; severely simple and plain aloof distant; uninvolved cerebral relating to the brain; the intellectual trenchant procrastinate roster impede forbear migratory evade efface asunder incite dulcet beleaguer milieu histrionic bludgeon arduous reminisce opportune quixotic porcine chattel incongruous connoisseur expunge to cut; to have a sharp point; sarcastic to put off; to do at a later time; to leave until the last minute a list of names for an activity or duty to obstruct or block; to delay to hold back from doing; to be patient wandering, roaming, traveling apart; into pieces; separated encourage; provoke get away from; avoid to erase, to blot out, to cancel Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 idealistic, unrealistic, chivalrous, dreamy property, belongings, slave authority in art or taste, aficionado destroy, obliterate, annihilate, remove out of place; absurd Week 11 harass, besiege environment, atmosphere overly dramatic weapon; bat, club, stick difficult; hard to endure; backbreaking to look back; to go over; to recall; to muse over advantageous; opportune; lucky melodious hoggish; piggish; like a pig http://www.cafepress.com/+sexually_harass_greeting_card,454151083 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Don_Quijote_and_Sancho_Panza.jpg http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/01/20/sustainability-seattle-visit-worlds-greenest-office-building?cmpid=tp-ad-adknowledge78313-3482 http://pjmedia.com/blog/how-drama-queens-sabotage-the-tea-party/ http://ineptguard.com/2010/11/24/weaponry-wednesdays-baseball-bat/ http://jaypgreene.com/2010/09/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lange-MigrantMother02.jpg http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Four_Leaf_Clover_068.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Head_of_Orpheus.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bearded_Pigs2.jpg "The mourners lamented the death of the great king." "It is best to be austere when going to a funeral to avoid insulting the family." "The cerebral
mind is the best
sort of mind." "Psychology may be considered a type of cerebral study." "Ever heard a bunch of girls screeching to each other in the bathroom? Yeah - cacophony." "The Great Bulwark of China was built to keep the Mongols out." "She looked down her nose like an aloof snob." "Here's a picture of a bunch of guys hanging out, branding chattel like it ain't no thang." "Here's an aloof connoisseur looking down his nose at a wine glass." "This is the only thing I picture when I hear 'expunge' - a giant explosion." "Just look at that poor, incongruous red M&M just sitting there. Makes you kind of sad." "Sarcasm may be the lowest form of humor, but it's still funny." "A razor is trenchant, so don't use it
without thinking." "I love to procrastinate: it gives me time to do things." "I'm pretty sure they use a roster in the military for the draft. I mean, it makes sense." "Gandalf is an awesome wizard. He impedes the Balrog and death only bleaches his brights." "I forbear from yelling in frustration at this Prezi." "Are turtles migratory? They move around a lot, right? At least they do in Finding Nemo." "The two lovers were torn asunder. Like this piece of paper." "Alex held his breath and counted to three. He was almost positive this jerk was trying to incite him to something nasty. Suddenly, the man held up his thumb in mock approval, his face twisting in sarcastic praise. Alex saw red and wound his fist back." "The criminal evaded the police. Unfortunately, his horrible pants choice made him easy to spot. Just look at the neon things." "The eraser effaced the blank paper." "Don Quixote was quixotic." "Eek! I act histrionically! Oh, the horror!" "The milieu at the wake was grim." "'If I was your coworker, I'd sexually beleaguer you.' " "The man decided to make a bludgeon by hammering nails into a baseball bat....seems legit." "It isn't arduous to FINISH HIM!! "The work Migrant Mother depicts a woman reminiscing better times and thinking about the future of her children." "It was the opportune moment. Jack reached in his pocket and grabbed his lucky dice. Casino security saw this and beat him up for using loaded dice." "Orpheus was known for his dulcet lyre playing." "Somewhere along the way, he lost his head and that is what you see here." "This porcine face will haunt your dreams for weeks. LOOK AT IT. Passing the spirit that inhabits this picture onto you is the only way I can save myself. Please,
LOOK AT IT. STARE HARD. lassitude ambiance ballistics coterie askew cranny enrage cubism propulsive girth dullness, exhaustion, fatigue environment, atmosphere, climate science of mechanics that deals with flight and projectiles clique, group of friends crooked, slanted, lopsided nook, opening, fissure aggravate, to anger, to make upset, to incite early twentieth century style of art that uses abstract structure forceful, energetic, lively bigness, circumference, expansion Monniaux, David. California Rodeo Salinas Lasso Bull. 2006. Photograph. N.p. "The cowboy felt lassitude after a long, hard day of lassoing bulls." Fürst, Paul. Paul Fürst, Der Doctor Schnabel Von Rom (Holländer Version). 1656. Photograph. N.p. "Nobody liked to invite the plague doctor to 'Il Carneval.' His ambiance came with him and dampened the mood. "Ballistics were very important during the First World War." Nasmith, George G. German Barrage Fire at Night (Ypres). 1915. Photograph. N.p. Rubens, Peter Paul. The Three Parcae Spinning the Fate of Marie De' Medici. 1622-1625. Louvre Museum, Paris. "The Three Fates form a coterie." "The entire floor plan for the Winchester Mystery House is askew because Mrs. Winchester believed the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles would come drag her to the afterlife and the only way to appease them was to build a crazy house." Schreiber, Kai. Windows, WMH. 2005. Photograph. N.p. Harington, Gregory David. Cracks at Sunrise-on-Sea, Eastern Cape. 2006. Photograph. N.p. "The cracks in some crannies are very pretty." "Snide looks enrage me." Grützner, Eduard Von. Falstaff. 1921. Oil on canvas. N.p. "Picasso was known for cubism." Picasso, Pablo. Les Demoiselles D'Avignon. 1907. Oil on canvas. Museum of Modern Art, New York. "Propellers are propulsive." Pingstone, Adrian. Hercules.propeller. 2004. Photograph. Gloucestershire, England. "The Earth is large in girth." NASA/Apollo 17 Crew. The Blue Marble. 1972. Photograph. N.p aptitude irascible gossamer giddy cower queue chronic harrowing laconic endure atrophy, harangue, demonic, accolade, caucus, myriad, proficient,
grandiloquent, dromedary, noxious muster, mode, craven,
paranoia, glutton, curtail,
beget, catapult blather, consensus, doldrums,
aspire, citadel,
fjord, martyr,
obtuse, scrutinize, congenial, disposition, drift, tendency angry, crabby, grouchy gauzy, thin, airy, cobweb silly, impulsive, bubbleheaded hide, hover in fear, recoil line of people or vehicles incessant, never-ending, ceaseless dangerous, frightening, alarming short, to the point, brusque bear hardship, to put up with, to survive Smith, Douglas S. Tandem in Freefall over Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Hinckley, IL. 2004. Photograph. N.p. "Latitude has an aptitude for knocking people unconscious with the pressure as they fall to earth." Tembhekar, Abhijit. Red Apple. 2009. Photograph. N.p. "Crab apples make me irascible because they aren't real apples." Tørrissen, Bjørn Christian. Spiral Orb Webs. 2008. Photograph. N.p. "Spider webs are gossamer thin." Silvers, Eleanor. Jeff in Thailand4. 2008. Photograph. N.p. "This man seems much too giddy to have that many large birds on his body." User:ZeroOne. MetalGearSolid2-Substance Screenshot1. 2010. Photograph. N.p. "Taking cover in a video game isn't cowering -- it's very strategic and necessary to line up the perfect head shot."" Unknown. Berlin, Michael Jackson-Konzert, Wartende. 1988. Photograph. N.p. "A few years ago, my family and I went to Chicago. We stood in a queue outside a museum for about an hour while a hot, 90 degree heat beat down on us. Turns out that it was 'free day' at the museum. And then the place closed three hours later. So,
my family almost got heat stroke
for only three hours
worth of exhibits." Beards, Graham, Dr. Sickle Cells. 2012. Photograph. N.p. "Chronic disease -- like sickle cell disease -- is horrible." Unknown U.S Soldiers. Camel Spider. 2004. Photograph. N.p. "It would be harrowing to meet a camel spider -- those things look dangerous." Unknown. Woman Striking Man With Broom. 1875. Calcutta, India. "In tense situations, it is best to be laconic to avoid trouble." ThreeOneFive. Atlas New York. 2008. Photograph. N.p. "Atlas must endure the weight of the heavens as punishment." atrophy harangue demonic accolade caucus myriad proficient grandiloquent dromedary noxious deadly, stinking, toxic to waste away long lecture, speech, chewing out, sermon evil, frenzied, violent recognition of achievement, award assembly, council, group gathered to make a decision countless, endless, a lot able, skilled, efficient pretentious, histrionic, tall-talking a one-humped female camel Hilpertshauser, Mary, and CDC. Polio Vaccine Poster. 1963. Photograph. Global Health Odyssey, n.p. "Polio causes muscle atrophy." Unknown. Kennedy Nixon Debate (1960). 1960. Photograph. N.p. "Political debates often seem like one big harangue." Unknown. Mayor Hall and Lucifer. 1870. Photograph. N.p. "Devils are demonic." Jonathunder. Nobel Prize. 2008. Photograph. N.p. By Erik Lindberg. "A Nobel Prize is an accolade anyone would be honored to receive." Mabel, Joe. 2008 Wash State Democratic Caucus. 2008. Photograph. Seattle, Washington. "Caucuses are fun at first, but get very boring after the first hour." USAAF. Airacobra P39 Assembly LOC. 1944. Photograph. N.p. "Factories produced a myriad of equipment during the Second World War." Norman, Steve Smilie. Smilie The Clown. 2008. Photograph. N.p "This picture has nothing to do with being proficient." "It's just that I've been working on this for over an hour now and I am getting very bored." Jjron. Camel Profile, near Silverton, NSW, 07.07.2007. 2007. Photograph. N.p. "Above is a dromedary camel. Notice how it only has one hump." Djembayz. Davidcrockettclipper. 2010. Photograph. N.p. "Davy Crockett was grandiloquent." Natr, Matthias M, Phrood, and MarianSigler. Hazard T. 2006. Photograph. N.p. "Noxious substances can sometimes be detected with specific metals." "For example, arsenic reacts with silver and that is why eating utensils are made with it."
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