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Prezi Book Report Criteria

No description

Debbie Long

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Prezi Book Report Criteria

Include a video that relates to your topic.
No longer than 1 minute 30 seconds. Make sure to introduce your video so it connects with your story.

Need to set up a Prezi account at

Use your school email and create an easy to remember password.

You will be given 5 minutes for this presentation.

Sign up times will take place over 2 days.

Library times on Friday will be available to work on Prezi, otherwise, needs to be done at home.
Set the Scene
Give background information on the setting and select a photo that goes along with the image in your head.
Include the following information at the beginning of your presentation.

Your name
Book Title
Book Author
Year Published
Book in a Series/Rank in a Series/Single
Include photo of author
Include photo of book cover
Book Report 3
Tell us about the main character. Give some characteristics, personality traits, and what motivates them.
Main Character
Due Date
January 15
Showing Your Prezi
There should be at least 12 different frames.
Minimum of 8 total graphics.
Practice presenting with your Prezi so your exposition is fluid and what you are saying coordinates with what we are seeing. It should be seamless!
During your presentation make sure to tell us about ...
For Book Report 3 you will be using Prezi presentation tool to create slides that complement your presentation.

the Meat and Potatoes
AR test must be taken between today and the due date.

This Prezi and the Grading Rubric can be found on my web page.
Send me the link to your Prezi prior to the due date so I can refer back to it if necessary.
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