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The STAAR Project: Moving away from STAAR M with DOK

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Catherine Wilson

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The STAAR Project: Moving away from STAAR M with DOK

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Xx Zz
Recall Bloom's Taxonomy

Why DOK?
DOK and Testing in Texas
Unlike Blooms....
How will this affect my teaching?
Adapted from the model used by Norman Webb to align standards with assessments.

Focus on content standard in order to successfully complete an assessment/standard task.

Measures the degree to which the knowledge is elicited from students on an assessment matches the complexity of the standard.
Every assessment question will have a DOK level.
Refers to the complexity of mental processes that must occur in order to answer the question.
Activity: On your post it*, create The Bloom's Taxonomy module. share it with a partner to see if you can add or complete your triangle.
Students gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and standards at appropriate complexity level. It's important for teachers to understand complexity is not the same thing as difficulty.
Weighted towards LEVEL 1 Questions

Weighted toward LEVEL 2 Questions,
with LEVEL 3 Questions when possible
DOK is

It is dependent on the context in which the verb is used
We still teach to the verb of the TEKS but increase
with Webb/s DOK levels
Cognitive demand increases as students move through DOK Levels 1-4
The Verb of the TEK does not change
Students are more engaged and can make connections
Activities selected increase rigor
DOK with Little Red Riding Hood
TEKS: 8.10C
IDENTIFY the role of the oceans in the formation of weather systems such as hurricanes.
Same VERB, Different LEVELS

How does DOK and Bloom's relate?
Levels of D.O.K.
Depth of Knowledge
Level 1: Recall
Recall of a fact, information or procedure.
Level 2: Skill/Concept
Use information of conceptual knowledge, two or more steps, etc.
Level 3: Strategic Thinking
Requires reasoning, developing plan or a sequence of steps, some complexity, more than one possible answer.
Level 4: Extended Thinking
Requires an investigation, time to think and process multiple conditions of the problem.
If we want our students to be critical thinkers, we must think about the way we plan critically."
DOK Level 1
Recall and Reproduction
Locate or recall facts found in text
Apply a well known formula
Use a dictionary to find the meaning of words
DOK Level 2
Basic Applications of Skills and Concepts
Identify and summarize the major events, problem, solution conflicts in literary text
Explain the cause-effect of historical events
Predict a logical outcome based on information in a reading selection
Retrieve information from a table, graph, or figure and use it to solve a problem requiring multiple steps
DOK Level 3
Strategic Thinking
Compare consumer actions and analyze how these actions impact the environment
Analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of literary elements
Solve multi-step problem and provide support with a mathematical explanation that justifies the answer
DOK Level 4
Expanded Thinking
Analyze and explain multiple perspectives or issues within or across time periods, events, or cultures
Specify a problem, identify solution paths, solve the problem, and report the results
Write and produce an original play
Question Stem Sort
More Examples....
Brainstorm lessons or activities that you currently teach that would fit into each of the DOK levels.
What kind of learning activities will students have to engage in, in order to be successful on STAAR?
How can DOK and Bloom's both be used when planning instruction and assessment?
So....In a Nutshell...
Created by Catherine Wilson

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