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The Plant Kingdom Diagram

No description

Alina Rivera-Campo

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Plant Kingdom Diagram

The Plant Kingdom Diagram Nonvascular Plants Seedless
Plants Nonflowering seed
bearing vascular plant Flowering
Genus- Polytrichum
Species- Contains approximately 70 species
Known as- haircap moss or hair moss
Phylum- Bryophyta Genus- Equisetum
Species- 3 different kinds of equisetum exist
Known as- Horsetail plants
Phylum- Sphenophyta Genus-Lycopodium
Species- L. clavatum
Known as- wolf's-foot clubmoss, stag's-horn clubmoss or groundpine
Phylum-Tracheophyta Genus- Podocarpaceae
Species- 156 species
Known as- Southern Hemisphere conifers,
Phylum- Gnetophyta Genus-Welwitschia
Known as-Welwitschia
Phylum- Gnetophyta Genus-Ginkgo
Species- Ginkgo biloba is the only specie alive.
Known as- Ginkgo
Phylum- Ginkgophytes Genus- Orchidaceae
Species-21,950 and 26,049 accepted species
Known as-Orchids
Phylum- Antrophyta Genus-Helianthus
Species- 101
Known as-Sunflowers
Phylum-Antrophyta Genus- Poaceae
Species- 600 genera and 9,000 species
Known as- Grass
Phylum- Antrophyta Genus- Amborella
Species- only only one specie: Amborella trichopoda
Known as- Amborella
Phylum- Antrophyta
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