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Sport Management

Modern Day Sport Management

Kelsey Battaglia

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Sport Management

"Management is Management, Administration is Administration: Regardless of the Setting, the principles and concepts remain essentially the same." Employers will hire
those with: (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Structure Deadlines Demanding Management Administration Knowledge Experiences Skills Achievements Why do you need a resume? On-site and off-site Student Field Experience Exit Interview Internship “…the department is committed to instructional excellence based on current theory and best practices. Faculty and students are encouraged to continually strive for the disciplinary knowledge and professional expertise needed to serve local and global communities in their respective fields.” Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education
Mission Statement "A mark of an educated individual is the ability to continue to learn throughout one's life -- both for the sake of learning as well as to keep abreast of one's field or profession." General
Courses Cognate
Courses 1957 - President of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Walter O’Malley, expressed his concerns “about the lack of educational programs for those individuals seeking employment within professional baseball.”

1966 - Dr. James G Mason, “The Father of Sport Management”, created the first graduate program at Ohio University, Athens. Currently... According to the North American Society for Sport Management, there are three hundred forty-nine (349) different universities that offer Sport Management programs within the United States. How it all began... One 45-hour practicum Two 60-hour practicums "Both practica and internship experiences provide the sport management intern with meaningful real life experiences and skills." "... no other single learning experience is as important or has more significant impact upon the student in terms of knowledge and mastery of subject matter as well as upon potential job placement ..." “Sport Management is an All-Encompassing Term associated with the Management of Sport, Fitness/Wellness as well as Leisure/Recreation Programs.” Concept #3: 1. Professional sports
2. Manage fitness and wellness centers
3. Recreational settings
Golf course management
Corporate sport’s business
News media
Athletic Directorship
Resort management Variety of Fields Concept #5: The importance of the process
the importance of the results. Administrators have to take responsibility for themselves and those "below" them. Decision Maker Risk Taker Problem Solver Go-Getter Good Communicator Do'er ...To get an interview! Attributes Qualities Positive and negative and how you apply them Learning new and applying old A professional attitude Is the ability to get the answers Take the Initiative Research Communicate Network A strong, exemplary professional preparation curriculum is based upon offerings involving the liberal arts, cognate courses, theory of management courses, and field experiences. Concept #29: The Practicum The Internship "... provides students the opportunity to experiences, on a limited basis, what it is like to work in the real world within some type of sport management setting, under the direct (on-site) supervision of a professional in the field." "... the student is able to learn, to expand one's capabilities, as well as to contribute meaningfully to the host organization..." Concept #30: Concept #32: Never place the blame, just solve the problem. A mistake doesn't become an error until you do it twice. The most important attribute is the ability to learn. Concluding concepts... Thank you,
Kelsey H. Battaglia Sport Management "There Exists Fierce Competition for Sport Management Positions." Variety of
Questions Panel of
Professionals Concept #27:
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