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A Framework for Evaluating VOCA apps

Light iPad

Daniel Cooper

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of A Framework for Evaluating VOCA apps

A Framework for Evaluating VOCA Apps Linguistic Competence
Operational Competence
Social Competence
Strategic Competence Light's Model for AAC Users how to use the device features of the device access to the device switch scan direct-even with a pointer! navigation (home page/ jump links) home page jump links pop-up windows on/off
swiping to unlock volume control
(in app?) home
button Body knowledge of the spoken language knowledge of other languages in other environments knowledge of device code what the symbols look like what symbols represent and mean catagorization skills predominant used in the learning environment Compensatory strategies adaptive strategies e.g. communication partner predicting telegraphic speech 9 magic questions e.g someone else knows e.g "this is important!" e.g. partner predicting common words within category e.g. communication partner predicting telegraphic speech how do you judge a VOCA? what makes
a competent VOCA? ...could we use Light's Model as a template? -Communication Demands
-External Barriers
-Internal Psychosocial Factors Symbols
Adding/editing symbols
Combine 2 symbols in 1 cell
Picture editor PREDICTION
smart access method switch
Filtering of accidental switch pressing
adjustable switch timing
accepts more than two switches
row column
column row
step scanning
keyboard -is there a keyboard mode?
Visual Scene Display
Set phrases
Symbol Grid system
Text to Speech
Text to speech with word prediction
Single message/sequencial message TYPE OF DEVICE
ipod / iphone / ipad
android Abbreviation expansion
Store phrases
recently used vocab
most used vocab
GPS location Helpful navigation?
Home page link
static cells
Dots show # of screens? Other way?
On/off function
Ability to change volume in app?
Ability to lock user out of settings? AUDITORY SCANNING OPTIONS
speak cell content Filtering of accidental switch pressing
adjustable switch timing
accepts more than two switches Purchasing
Skill/Knowledge of Faciliators
Ease of editing cells
PC programs that work outside the app
Size Editable dictionaries
editable pronounciations
Ability to add vocabulary
Ability to add pics from camera VOICE
Male / Female /Child/ English
Records digital speech
Public voice/private voice
Accepts more than one user
adjust rate of speech spelling ability
iPad has:
vocabulary size
spell checking
4 voices Access method
On-screen keyboard
Direct (touchscreen)
no filtering
static grid
(could be used with a keyguard) listen to word before you add it to your sentence
Word prediction
suggests correct spelling Daniel Cooper
Speech and Language Therapist
at Richard Cloudesley School
daniel.cooper@nhs.net links

http://ace-centre.hostinguk.com/index.cfm?pageid=3A8D509A-3048-7290-FED7109F2152EEF1 http://appsforaac.net/about http://www.speechbubble.org.uk/ simple training
price (free)
faqs page on website
support via e-mail Text to Speech with word prediction type of app No settings lockout No in-app volume control Apps for Therapists and AAC users that's what makes a competent aac user. 9 but what makes a competent app? Linguistic features
Operational features
Strategic features
External Considerations types of voca apps A Framework for Evaluating VOCA Apps pragmatic skills discourse strategies other factors desire to communicate positive self image ability to put partner at ease when
speak what to talk about words fit situation e.g. initiation e.g. expression of wants and needs modifying skills to context There are challenges with mobile devices themselves, such as glare, ruggedness, sound, and system back-up. Light's Model for AAC Users VOCA Apps Matrix everybody has an iPad As of right now, there are 251 apps listed in total, 52 of which are free, 15 of which are above £100.00 and 94 apps below £8.00 (appsforaac.net) so many apps no history/experience no ability to demo full app less time to increase our "app IQ" many apps don't have traditional features so there's less time to research and app
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