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Kellin Quinn

No description

alondra bedoy

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn

Birth information
Full name: Kellin Quinn Bostwick Birthday: April 24, 1986.
Birthplace: Oregon
Age: 27 years old

Kellin's parents were divorced when he was only at a young age. Not wanting to associated so much with the name "bostwick" because it reminded him of his father. The experience of the divorce having a little bit to do with the song "A Trophy Father's Trophy Son." But also mainly focusing on his step-sons father and trying to relate to other kids going through a tough time. His parents exposed him to music and inspired him in music. Kellin was not an only child, two brothers and two sisters. Kellin is married to Katelynne Quinn. Also now a proud father of his daughter Copeland Quinn. Along
with two

step-sons from Katelynne, Liam and Rowan.

By: Alondra Bedoy
Kellin grew up loving music and wrote his first song in seventh grade. Being in different bands before being in Sleeping With Sirens. Kellin Quinn is the lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens. The band formed in 2009. His previous bands being Closer To Closure and For All We Know. Writing songs from experiences or stories from friends.
Kellin considered himself a "floater". Saying he never had a difficult time fitting in with different clicks. Getting along with everyone, but was never "popular". Joining choir and drama in high school. During high school was the time he and friends formed his first band, Closer To Closure.
Back To School With Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin Quinn: High School Entrepreneur
" Buzznet Aug, 27, 2011
Web. 11\22\13
"Kellin Quinn"
Famous Birthdays.
" Under The Gun Review
Web. 11\18\13
Band life
Sleeping With Sirens is an
post-hardcore. The band
has had
multiple different band
Unfortunately, back in October, guitarist, Jessie Lawson left the band to focus on family. Leaving fans devestated. Sws releasing their first debut album "Let's Cheer To This."
Currently, Kellin is touring with his band Sleeping With Sirens. Minus one band member. He is as well putting more time into his family. Having a clothing line called "Anthem Made." *Current band members
-Justin Hills: Bass Guitar
-Gabe Barham: Drums
-Jack Fowler: Lead Guitar
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