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No description

Mark Padilla

on 23 July 2017

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Transcript of Music

Why you should listen to music
By: Mark Padilla

1. Challenges
2. How to cope
3. Improvements
80% of college students are stressed
Bad ways to release stress
Students lack concentration
Academic Services at Cal Poly
Some student lose motivation
Leads to distractions
Lack of motivation to do homework
Distracted with technology, friends, personal life, etc.
Fastest +
Easiest +
Healthiest +
Michael Roloff in
Features of Serial Arguing and Coping Strategies
Listening to music can help cope with stress
Student A
Student B
-Wakes up at 7:00am
-Sleepy in the morning
-Gets distracted with homework
-Goes to bed at 1:00am
-Wakes up at 7:00am
-Listens to music
-Is motivated
-Listens to music during homework
-Finishes homework early
Psych Central
Listening to music can motivate you & help you concentrate
US National Institute of Health
Listening to music impacted psychobiological stress system
Release of dopamine that decreases endocrine & psychological stress hormones
Johns Hopkins School of Education
Rhythem and Tempo of songs can retain attention
Therefore, helping students concentrate better
Consequences of Stress Hormones
Low energy
Stomach Issues
Even depression
Studies have shown music reduces stress hormones & their side effects
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