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hmong language and dialects

No description

deanna vang

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of hmong language and dialects

Hmong Alphabet and Main Dialects Vowels Tone Indication Romanized Popular Alphabet Other Alphabets Pahawh Hmong Alphabet The Hmong language is usually written in the Romanized Popular Alphabet! It was created by Dr. Linwood Barney, Father Yves Bertrais and Dr. William Smalley in 1951-1953. -the Pahawh Hmong Alphabet was created by Shong Lue Yang in 1959. Created in Vietnam. Introduction The Hmong Language isn't a language most people think even exist but it's out there. It is used on the other side of the world like in China,Laos,Thailand and even in Vietnam.The Hmong language is written in many forms from the RPA to the Pahawh Alphabet. The Hmong language is spoken with many dialects. But 2 stands out, they are called the White and Green Hmong.They get their names from the color of the women's traditional clothing. Creators Pollard Script ( Pollard Miao) Dialects White Hmong(Hmoob Dawb) is the more proper way of speaking. Green Hmong(Hmoob Leeg/Njua) has the accent. Even though the Green hmong has an accent, the White hmong can understand them and they can understand the White hmong. I speak with the White hmong dialcet. :) White Green Traditional Clothing - Created by Samuel Pollard in 1905 with the help of Yang Yage and Li Shitifan. Created in China. Videos White Hmong Green Hmong The Video shows 2 girls who sing the same hmong song but one is green and one is white. Even though they are singing the same song, they pronounce words differently. Thanks for watching! :P By: Deanna Vang:) *Bonus Video* I found this video of White Mormons speaking Hmong which surprised me cause they are really good! :)
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