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Which is a healthier soda, Diet or Regular?

My project was chosen to see which type of soda is healthier to drink, because I drink soda’s on a daily basis and want

Jeremy Beloate

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Which is a healthier soda, Diet or Regular?

1.Take pictures of the pennies before exposure to the sodas.
2.Label the containers “Diet Coke” and “Coke”
3.Measure Coke into 1 ½ cups, and pour it into the container and seal it shut.
4.Measure Diet Coke into 1 ½ cups, pour it into the container and seal it shut.
5.Put new pennies into the separate tubs.
6.Set timer for 168 hours( 1 week ).
7.Take pennies out after the 168 hours ( 1 week ) time period.
8.Take a picture of the two pennies to show how much damage the each soda type has done.
9.Record this. Experimental Procedure
Soda is a beverage that was made in the late 18th century. It contains mostly water, carbonation, sugars, sweeteners, and sometimes acids and preservatives. They are not nearly as healthy for you as water or natural teas, but most people prefer drinking them because of their taste. Soft drinks often cause obesity, dental issues, and low nutrient levels. Many people misunderstand that diet sodas have worse ingredients than regular sodas. Although Regular sodas have an out of control amount or sugar, diet sodas have fowl ingredients such as Phosphoric and Citric acids. Diet sodas should be cut out completely for anyone, but if that isn’t a solution for you two to three regular sodas a week would be much better. When you are trying to loose weight ,Diet drinks may save you an extra 100 to 200 calories , but they do far more harmful things on a diet. Diet Sodas have artificial sweeteners, which confuses the body and stores those “zero calorie sweeteners” as fat. (Fooducate) “They also “Infantilize” the taste sense to the point where naturally sweet foods like apples don’t seem seem sweet enough”, says Hemi Weingarten. Background Research The penny that was left in the Coke had most of its copper color taken off. Also, it changed its texture and shape.The penny left in the Diet Coke had all of its tarnish removed.Its shape texture was also affected.
From this project I learned that Diet Coke has more harmful ingredients like Phosphoric and Citric acid, and it had a more affective outcome. I chose this project topic to see which type of soda was healthier for you. Results
-Diet Coke
-2 New Pennies
-Sealed Tub
-Sticky Notes Material List
My science fair project was chosen to see which type of soda is healthier for you, regular or diet. I chose this topic, because I drink sodas on a daily basis and I don’t want to damage my body, or get diseases. This project will show people in the community which type of soda is a better choice. This will help them by preventing unnecessary health problems or diseases. Purpose
My hypothesis is that diet coke will be more harsh on your body than regular sodas, because of the artificial sweeteners and chemicals in the drink. Hypothesis Variables Manipulated Variable: Pennies

Independent Variable:Coke and Diet Coke

Constant:Coke and Diet Coke Bibliography 1.Weingarten, Hemi. "Which is better for Me:Coke or Diet Coke?" October 18, 2010. blog.fooducate.com/2010/10/18/which-is-better-for-me-coke-or-diet-coke/

2.Haller, Madeline. "Science vs. Soda: What’s Really in Your Diet Coke?" November 10, 2012. news.menshealth.com/diet-soda-ingredients/2012/11/10/ Conclusion This project was chosen to see which type of soda is better for your body, Diet or Regular.I used pennies to resemble the human body, so I could see what these sodas do to ours. I kept one penny in regular coke and the other in Diet. I left them in there for 168 hours( a week ),and then found out which soda did more damage to our bodies by looking at the pennies.My hypothesis was that regular Coke would be healthier for you than Diet, my hypothesis was correct. Pennies Containers
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