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heather cordle

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Density

Density - how much matter there is in a certain amount of space
Which object is more dense?
Which object is more dense?
Density = mass
the units for density are:
Let's try a problem!
= 3g/ml
Frank has a paper clip. It has a mass of 9g and a volume of 3ml. What is its density?
= 1 g/cm
Frank also has a square eraser. It has a mass of 6g and measures 1cm x 2cm x 3cm. What is the density of the eraser?
Try these problems with your shoulder partner
Jack has a rock. The rock has a mass of 6g and a volume of 3ml. What is the density of the rock?
Jill has a small box. The box is 20 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm and has a density of 20 g/cm. What is the mass of the box?
Now try these problems with a different partner
Alicia has a brick. It has a volume of 20cm x 40cm x 15 cm and a mass of 40g. What is the density of the brick?
Mia has a wallet. It has a mass of 15g and a density of 3g/ml. What is the volume of the wallet?
Given a word problem and the formula for density, students will solve for unknown variables.

In your notebook answer the following question:

Why are you here?
1) Archimedes Video
2) Instruction
3) Demo
4) Density Acrostic
Go to Density lesson in Canvas and follow the phet.colorado link to go to the density simulation. It should look like this...
Explore the different materials & answer the questions on the half sheet of paper.
Exit Ticket
On a piece of notebook paper, create a DENSITY acrostic.
Each word or statement used must relate to something that you learned about density.
Go back to the phet simulation.
Mystery Density Activity
In the right corner, select mystery.
Follow directions on the Density Simulation assignment in the Density unit on canvas.
One person should be running the sim on their chromebook while the other person should type the answers to the quetions.
*Always multiply by the denominator when solving for mass or volume!
What about irregular shaped objects?
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