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adib adib

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Biography
My name is Adib A.K.M. I was born on February,02 ,2002 and in Dhaka, Bangladesh . After I came out of the hospital I went to my distant old aunt's house because the city that has the best healthcare is Dhaka , so my parents lived in Northern Bangladesh so the had to move to Central Bangladesh in order to get the best healthcare . I had severe pneumonia . I almost died because of it but thanks to my parent's prayers , I lived . I also had very little of iron ( the nutrition ) . When I was in my parent's house ( after we left my old aunt's house ) we live in Northern Bangladesh . There my dad had a job . I learned how to walk when I was about 2 . I then had been teased because I was fat , but adored because of my chubby cheeks and cuteness ( I lost those two things chubbiness and cuteness * tears * ) . I at 4 started to learn to write in and read in Bengali . I was about to go to preschool but then my parents decided to move to Canada for a better life and better education .

We went on this airline called Dragon . It was the worst airlines with the the worst service . It stops at Hong Kong and then goes to Canada . My family starved in the flight to Hong Kong , because the food was terrible , and we finished our 2 meals to Canada , since the service was great ( good thing the flight was long or else we would have just got only meal ) . When we arrived in Canada we were living in my dad's friend's house , so it was preestablished were was our shelter . We lived in someone's home for 9 months . Then after they left we took over and my dad paid the rents since he got a job. At that time I attended Oakridge , my teacher was Mr. Fletcher , we then moved to 7 Crescent Place since I cried every time I was in his class because he was mean to me and had higher exceptions from everyone and it seems that I did not meetwhare he wants me to be . We moved to 7 Crescent Place in May . I , then attended Crescent Town Elementary School . I was an average student in Crescent Town . In 2007 I pleaded to my mom can I please have a sister , she said yes , I got so excited . When my sister was born I was so happy ( but now i just regret having to plead for a sister ) .After few years I learned some skills like to swim , how to play lots of sports and how to be comprehensive . In 2011 my familty decided to take a visit to Bangladesh . When I went there it felt like terror to me , because I hated Bangladesh and I had to live in extreme conditions , in my perspective .
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