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Unit 07 - P2

No description

Zac Matthews

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Unit 07 - P2

Unit 7 - Organisational Systems Security

P2 - Describe how physical security measures can help keep systems secure
By Zac Matthews (S0592125)
Lock and Key
A lock and key method is a simple way to keep all physical hardware safe, and even though it is very dated, this is still used on modern doors for a reason. If you were to implement this feature at work then I suggest implementing a master key (skeleton key) system.

The advantages to having a master key in a business is that instead of having to carry round a large collection of keys, only one key will be required as all the locks for the doors are the same and that key will unlock all of these doors. Other advantages to using the lock and key system is that with lock and keys they can be easily replaced and sourced elsewhere meaning that if one of these is damaged or lost it won’t take long to replace.

However the disadvantages to using the lock and key is that this system is very old and not particularly safe as there are companies out there who specialise in lock picking meaning this technique isn’t heard to learn so people could use this to break into other peoples house. More disadvantages to using lock and key is that they can be very annoying to carry around as the more keys you have the heavier the bunch of keys will become making them irritable. Carrying around your keys can then result in you losing them and then you would have to replace them and get a new key cut costing money.

Visitor Passes
Visitor passes can come in the shape as either a door fob or a key card allowing that business to give visitors a temporary pass so that they can go round the office. With this technology, they can also moderate what rooms they can go into so they don’t end up going to important places like the server rooms and then tamper with equipment that would affect the company. If a company didn’t use visitor passes like key cards or fobs but instead gave them a skeleton key there would be no way that the company could monitor where that visitor is going in the building and therefore could cause a security issue.

The advantages to using visitor passes are like mentioned above and it allows the company to manage where the visitors can go in the building and where they cannot go, this will then reduce security risks that may occur if they gave that visitor a key and let them roam the building. The next advantage using visitor passes are that if that visitor then needs to gain access to a certain room the technician could then grant access by telling the computer to give that visitor pass access to a certain room. Disadvantages to using visitor passes are minimal ones but the first one is that if someone knew how to they could hack the key card so that they could give them access to all the important and confidential rooms. The way that someone can do this is by manipulating and hacking the chip inside then using the right software they can then choose what rooms they want to get access to.
/Sign-out systems
Sign-in/Sign-out systems come in two different ways, the first example of a sign-in/sign-out system can be found in waiting rooms like GP's and these work by allowing the user to key in their details on a tablet like device so that they can avoid the que if it is to long to long an get booked into your appointment and seen in time. Another example of a sign-in/sign-out system would be a clocking system and this is where an employee would have to swipe an electronic card into a machine to show the employer that they were in that day so that they can be paid the correct amnount depding on how mnay hours of work they done.

The advantages of using a sign-in/sign-out system are that it can make it easier for the employer to know if one of their workers is or isnt coming into work to complete their shifts and if they arent then they can fire them and replace them with someone who does want to work the hours they were asked to. The next advanage for GP's or other waiting rooms are that with a system like this it will take the work load off of the receptionist and on a busy day this will be a god send as some ques can be very long and if someone is wiating to be booked in this could take a long time so a system like this would come in handy and make life eaiser for everyone.

However disadvantages to using technology like this means that in the future this could be used to replace human workers and because this is cheaper we will see the unemployment rate drop even lower and i believe that technology like this shouldnt be used if a human could do a simple job like the technology does than it really doenst need to implemented as it is just showing laziness and will give big companies an excuse not hire anyone to save money.
In this section I will cover Retina Scan, Facial Recognition, IRIS scan and Fingerprint scan.
Cable Sheliding
Cable shielding is where a cable is insulated to stop the radiation waves that it emits from being intercepted by an unauthorised access. If the cable didn’t have no shield to it and the radio waves were to be intercepted this could be very dangerous for the company who were sending information through these cables as if someone knew how they could use software to show what the information was and then take a copy of it. This is why shielding and insulating your cable is very important to keep the information traveling through it secure and out of reach of people who shouldn't see the information.

The advantages to using cable-shielding covers what I wrote in the previous paragraph and that is by shielding your cables this means that you protecting the information that you are sending through the cable making impossible for the radiation waves to be read by hackers. The disadvantages to using cable shielding are that there are no disadvantages and this is because if someone really wanted to get access to your information to your cables they would go through the trouble of digging out the wires and then removing the shielding to be able to intercept the waves.

Retina Scan
Facial Recognition
Fingerprint Scan
Retina scan is a security system that uses the user’s iris to allow them access to certain areas in a work place or anywhere else, that might need a high security system like this. Retina scan security systems are implemented mainly in high security places like military and government work places because these need to be more secure than regular workplaces as these type of workplaces contains more secure information that could cause a problem for our country and if security wasn’t very secure then it could be easy for anyone to access.

However even though retina scan seems secure it isn’t the most safe system to use as if someone wanted to gain access to the information being secured by this system then it wouldn’t be impossible. This is because if someone wanted to find out the confidential information they could find out who has access to that area and then remove one of their eyeballs and once they are in front of the retina scan they would just have to simply place the eyeball in front of the scanner. They would then have access to the information depending on how many security measures are put into place to prevent this from happening.

Even though this is a big disadvantage, having a retina scanning security system can be very secure has the only way to get would be to have to remove someone’s eye. Furthermore, if you have a security measure like this then you would most likely have previous security measures in place very similar to a two- step authorisation found in websites like twitter etc.

Like retina scanning, facial recognition is a security feature that can enhance and improve security wherever it is in a work place or you use it on a smartphone as like your retina your face is very unique and no-one will be able to pose as you to get through a system or into your smartphone. Facial recognition is a work place could be a great addition depending on how important the information you are protecting is, for example if you are thinking about it using this to protect information that is vital to your companies security then it would be worth your while but if you are intending to use it just to protect your login the it wouldn’t be recommended as this type of hardware can be very expensive and not worth while unless it is necessary.

The advantages to using facial recognition to keep your data secure are that it is an improvement on the conventional security measures where you enter a pin or the improved pattern unlock, but even though these security features are good they aren't the hardest thing to bypass as they can be easily guessed or someone could be looking over your screen to see what you enter and then later they could steal your phone and have no problem getting into your device.

The disadvantages however to using hardware like this is that other technology that could protect the information just as well, may not be as secure but will be more secure than using conventional passwords. Such technology like two step authorisation that could protect important information as with two-step authorisation it would require the person logging in to enter two different passwords or a code that would be sent to their personal phone or would be generated by a hardware device similar to the ones used by banks.

An IRIS scanner is a similar security measure to facial recognition as they both are considered high level security but the difference with the IRIS scanner is that this is specifically unique to the eye, compared to the facial recognition hardware which scans the whole face, the benefit to using this security feature over the facial recognition is that with the eye it has very defined and unique features and no-one else shares them similar features, with the face however they can share similar features between people, especially between twins as these are known to look very similar and depending on how high-tech the hardware is this may not be able to tell the difference between two twins.

The advantages to using an IRIS scanner are that this a high security piece of technology can be used to protect valuable information like the facial recognition software but you normally see IRIS scanners in government place, so if you were to use this in your company for normal level security information then this would be overkill and unnecessary.

The disadvantages of this are what I have mentioned above and using this may be necessary for an IT company but if you feel if the information you have needs to be secured at all costs then you may want to use this security feature.

Fingerprint scanners seem to becoming more popular as the years go on and instead of them being used exclusively for big corporate business you see them in normal day life and look like the second most popular option behind passwords and in some case replacing them, with the new IPhone 5S using a fingerprint scanner to replace the pass code initially allowing the users to login to by placing their finger on the home screen. You can also see some fingerprint scanners being used to protect people’s homes replacing the conventional key.

The way that these work and protect homes, devices and systems is by taken a image of the DNA on your finger and saving it in its memory so that the next time you place your finger in the scanner it will scan your finger to see if it matches the saved image and if they match then you will be granted access. But with this technology there are risks involved and mean that people will do more to get gain access into places they aren’t allowed, for example if a thief wanted to get into a house and found out that it’s fingerprint protected, depending on how much he wanted to get in there he could just cut off your finger to gain access. This would be the case for basic fingerprint scanners. But in the more expensive and popular fingerprint scanners they have a pulse detector that will only accept the finger if it has a pulse, which it won’t if the finger is cut off. This type of technology is very modern and helpful to people who want to get away from having to remember passwords and remembering to bring their key and in 10 or so years time I think that this will be the norm and everyone will be used to using their finger to unlock their front door.

The advantages to using fingerprint scanners are that if you are a forgetful person than you may want to consider using this technology. However if you are an organisation then I wouldn’t recommended using this feature as it isn’t a better option compared to the likes of IRIS scanner and facial recognition software. The disadvanatges to using a security feature like this for protection is that it will just put the person in more danager as instead of telling them your password, them taking the device and you running off they will force you to phiscally place your finger down and then once that is done they still are they could cause physical damage or worse.

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