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kayla burton

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of titanic

The Story of the Titanic
On the night of April 14,1912,the ships captain received tons of messages warning them about the icebergs along there path.The ships captain was unaware how serious the warnings had become and the captain saw an iceberg,but merged left.It wasn't enough

the ships right side had scraped along the iceberg.The captain didn't know that the iceberg had scraped along the side of the boat,but he knew there was something very wrong.The captain decided to look around the boat.






year of 1912

The Titanic

After the captain was finished he realized that the ship was on a lot of water.Then the Titanic began sinking.The captain ordered all of the lifeboats to be uncovered.Passengers began boarding lifeboats and then they figured out there weren't enough lifeboats.Thats why they couldn't save everybody on the boat and why a lot of people died.
After the titanic sunk safety regulations were increased to make ships safer and now ships have to have enough lifeboats to carry all of the passengers .After the Titanic happened ships staff had to carry radios twenty four hours a day.



Thank you for watching :)
I selected this topic because it's a huge tragedy and I thought it would be a good and interesting topic for me to choose
Kayla Burton
After the Titanic safety regulations HAD to be increased
After the Titanic lifeboat drills were supposed to be held during each voyage
The designing of ships changed after the Titanic disaster
What changed after the RMS Titanic disaster
Captain Edward John Smith
Captain of the Titanic
The ship builders wanted to use cheaper pieces for the Titanic because it would cost less.
The day of the Titanic they had scheduled a lifeboat drill but it was canceled
68% of the people on the Titanic died
The Titanic was on its Maiden Voyage when it sank
The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean
6 of the Titanic's watertight compartments were damaged
The bulkheads dividing the compartments came up only 10 feet above the waterline
The Titanic struck the iceberg on April 14,1912 at 11:40 but it plunged to the bottom of the ocean on April 15,1912
The construction of the ship was financed by J.P Morgan
Thomas Andrews was the designer of the Titanic but he made a mistake in the design
On the night of the Titanic the moon wasn't out and the water was very still so it was hard to see the iceberg
Interesting Facts:
Possible reasons that contributed to the sinking of the Titanic:

Maps of where the Titanic sank
A few artifacts from the Titanic:
Pocket watch from the RMS Titanic
A second class ticket from the RMS Titanic
A purser's tag from the RMS Titanic Inc.
"Come at once, we have struck a berg, it's a CQD old man."
-Jack Phillips, Wireless Operator
"The sounds of people drowning are something that I can not describe to you,
and neither can anyone else. Its the most dreadful sound and there is a terrible
silence that
follows it."
-Eva Hart, Titanic Survivor
The R.M.S. Titanic is the most famous shipwreck in our current popular shipwreck in our popular culture.
It was the largest and most luxurious passenger ship of its time and reported to be "unsinkable"
Its famous story of disaster and human drama has been, and continues to be,
recounted in numerous books, articles and movies.
Titanic has been recognized by the United States Congress for its national
and international significance and in many ways has become a cultural icon.
The disaster also resulted in a number of memorials around the world
The sinking of Titanic was one of the deadliest peacetime maritime
disasters in history and quickly became a catalyst for change.
Events that happened on the same day as the
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