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Euromed Forum on Creative Industries and Society, Jordan 13/5/2012

Presentation by Katri Maenpaa (British Council) and Gilles Hubens (European Commission)

David Sorrentino

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Euromed Forum on Creative Industries and Society, Jordan 13/5/2012

Para. 16: We acknowledge the diversity of the world and recognize that all cultures and civilizations contribute to the enrichment of humankind. We emphasize the importance of culture for development and its contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Para. 66: We consider that the cultural dimension is important for development. We encourage international cooperation in the cultural field, aimed at achieving development objectives Culture and Development
Action and Impact Presented by EUNIC , the European Commission, the British Council and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels in social terms Culture is a strong driver Culture and Development
Action and Impact 36
projects creating impact on development Protection and Promotion of Heritage Strengthening the Creative and Innovative Sector Social Inclusion and Management of Diversity Strengthening the Economy and Developing Skills Democratisation, Conflict Reconciliation and Strengthening Civil Society in the form of a new booklet full of successful examples Let's get started! What have we learnt? Focus on the Mediterranean Call for Action! in economic terms for stability, peace and human development at local and international levels Civil Society Young people Cultural Entrepreneurs Activists Partners EU Call for debate! Identification of the needs Sustainable Impact "La culture est au début et à la fin de tout développement." Léopold Sédar Senghor,
first president of Senegal Freedom of speech? Social cohesion? Arts? Culture? Development? Cultural
Entrepreneurship? Peace and stability? Change! Democratisation? Witness the past Education programmes for professionals and the general public on the illegal trade of antiquities Music Fund Music as an instrument of development EURODOCMed Increasing the professionalism of documentary producers MovieMed Creating economic synergies between tourism and audiovisual industry Caravan of Euro-Arab Cinema Promotion of European and Arab Cinema Masarat Promotion of contemporary arts Comic Strip School Developing competencies in the cultural sector Intercultural Learning Enhancing the intercultural dialogue 13 in the Mediterranean Or is it? States EUNIC Cultural Institutions Development target:
Employment and Prosperity
(linked to MDG 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) Nurturing the Cultural and Creative Economy 50 leading European cultural organisations connected with 30 organisations from the Middle and Near East.
1000 participants in Young Creative Entrepreneur Scheme Participating countries:
Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain Participating countries:
Union of the Mediterranean 15 regional training courses
500 teachers who have received training
10 Euro-Mediterranean countries involved Comic Strip Department established in 2000 within National Institute of Fine Arts
International Comic Strip Festival Tetouan created
International partnerships developed for development.
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