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by: Kenna Decker

Kenna Decker

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P8MA

mideval times RECIPE r They had 7 main
religions, 2 of those are-
Christainity & Islam E the exact location
of europe is 50*n and
30*e. it's in the northeast
hemisphere -different climates depending on where you are. -Main moutian range is-
Ural and the swiss Alps
-Main river is Danube. C 15 main lauguages
are spoken. they were in the same
"cast" their whole life.
if you were born a serf
you stayed a serf. This was a time when
knights in shining armour rescued
princesses. Durning this time period the king would have vassles, the vassles were incharge of providing the armies if the contry went to war. Knights were the most skilled fighters. i important people ulture enironment religion King John-
signed the Magna Carta. kings ruled with complete power. p POLITICS Feudalism-
king ruled surpreem. loyalty was
power. the queen
was the co-ruler Magna Carta
was an agreement
signed by King John
it gave rights to the
people and made the
king have to follow
the law. e economy Land was worth
much more then
money, if you had
land then you had
power. Thomas aquihas was
born in his family's castle
when he grew up he became
a monk. Doesn't this look cool? the king would
give land to people he
trusted. once they had
this land they were called
VASSLES. this land was called a fief, Gregory VII was a
pope and founded a
monistary. they built huge
cathedrals and that was their
church. =
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