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The Running Dream Summary

No description

Amber Bustard

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of The Running Dream Summary

Jessica wakes up, she doesnt know what day it is, or why she is in the hospital. All she sees is her mother with her eyes very puffy and red. Jessica had a weird sensation on her right leg. Then and there she was faced with the truth... No right foot. No right ankle. No right shin. Jessica cried and cried thinking her running career was over.
After she was ready to go home, Jessica went home for the first time in a week. When trying to fall asleep she would dream of what her dog Sherlock used to do. They would run early in the morning for about 5 miles. Jessica missed doing that so,so much. She couldnt do much so she got bored and learned to hop. After healing Jessica got her temporaray leg (which was practically a pipe) . After getting used to walking around Jessica's best friend,Fiona finally convinced Jessica to go back to school. School was physically and mentally tiring for Jesisca until she got used to it. Jessica met a girl with serial palsy named Rosa. Jessica sat back there because of her leg.
Jessica and Rosa grew to be friends.
Jessica had to go back to the doctos to get the measurements for her real leg and th running leg. The two was a success. At first the running leg felt very unnatural to Jessica and she even felt like giving up, but she or her coach wouldnt let that happen. Over the summer her track coach helped her with the leg so she could run again in her Senior year. Jessica and Rosa are still friends so one day Jessica walked by Rosa's house with Sherlock (Jessica's dog) and decided to visit Rosa.Rosa loved Sherlock and told Jessica she always wanted to know what the feeling is like to run.
Jessica's track coach called Jessica in to discuss getting Jessica a running leg. Jessica was excited but thought he was crazy becasue she knew there would be no way her school could earn $20,000 for a running leg. Jessica's track coach had the whole team help with fundraisers to get the $20,000. Eventually the whole school began to help. the News even came to interview Jessica, her coach, the team and Jessica's family. The fundraiser was a success! They earned $20,000!
Jessica decided she needed to help Rosa feel the sensation of running. Jessica wanted to run the 10 mile race wth Rosa. Jessica trained and trained by loading bags of soil onto a wheel chair. Her dad even bought Jessica a wheel chair meant for excercising. Jessica then made the big move and asked Rosa if she wanted to and Rosa exclaimed YES! Rosa's mother couldnt decide but then finally Rosa's mother said yes. Summer ended pretty quickly after that. Jessica trained until the very day in November. Jessica and Rosa ran the 10 mile marathon with no problem at all even coming in 7th place.
My overall opinion
This was such a great book! It was so interesting that it took me less than a day to read! In this book you never knew what was gonna happen next! I defintely recommend this book.
I would say ths book goes out to people 12-18. This book is a definte 5 stars.
The Running Dream
Jessica after the track competition loaded onto the bus with the rest of her teammates. Riding down the road, thats when it hit them...BOOM! The truck came out of nowhere and collided with Jessica's bus. Jessica was rushed to the hospital.

The Running Dream
By: Wendelin Van Draanen
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