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Presentation of the Arabic language

Description of this broad topic by Perrine Guiducci and Cedric Paul

Paul Elie & Cedric

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Presentation of the Arabic language

The Arabic

Historical overview
Key figures
31 characters in the Arabic alphabet
Only two verb tenses
Very few grammar rules unlike the majority of other languages
The Arabic alphabet is the 2nd most widely used writing system in the world
Fastest growing language in the world,
--> Thanks to Islam,
Christianity is divided up into numerous languages while Islam has only 1 main language,
Strong influence worldwide.
Impact of Arabic as an Official Language of UN
Daily Life
Trade & Commerce
Communication between cultures would be more uniform
No language barriers in translation
Cultures defined by their language would be easily integrated
Unite Muslims with a common language
More people would shift towards the Islamic faith
Better relations with Middle East
Easier peace negotiations
United Arab League already works for the interests of Arab Nations
Better world market
Able to communicate better with crude oil markets
We are sorry, we cannot speak Arabic.
Could we switch to English?
Afro-Asiatic language family
--> Semitic language
- Western,
- Central,
- Northern,
- Southern.
Akin to Hebrew, Aramaic and Amharic.
First text: 8th century BC
1.3 Billion Muslims
Not all speak Arabic
Some knowledge
The language
Classical vs modern Arabic
- Algebra
- Alchemy
- Alcohol
- Albatross,
- Sugar,
- Cotton,
- Zenith,
- Magazine,
- Apricot,

- Amalgam,
- Amber,
- Admiral,
- Assassin,
- Artichoke,
- Bergamot,
- Coffee,
- Carousel,
- Drug,

- Elixir,
- Guitar,
- Jacket,
- Hashish,
- Jasmine,
- Orange,
- Syrup,
- Talisman,
- Zero,
- Etc.
5th most commonly spoken native language

12.4% of the UN speak Arabic as their MAIN language

280 million native speakers

530 million speakers
Since 1973
Toolkit for Business developers
Thank you
Good morning/Hello
Sabah el kheer/Salam
My name is...
Kaifa haloka/ haloki
How are you?
Ma’a salama
Good bye
Marhaban an'a ...
Kam howa thamanoh?
How much is it?
Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah/ alarabiah?
Do you speak English/Arabic?
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