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5 important people of the 70's

By Kelsey Kurnett

kelsey kurnett

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of 5 important people of the 70's

5 important people
of the 70's By: Kelsey Kurnett ELVIS PRESLEY Elvis presley was thought
as the first and only American
to mix various musical styles
into one genre, rock n' roll. Jackson Five They were the last great group
to come out of the Motown hit
making machine. They had a funky-
pop feel, that was different from the
typical smooth style. Charlie's Angles They were important because they showed
a new television show that portrayed
women as smart detectives. President Nixon He was involved in the scandal
of the watergate Mark Spitz He won 7 Olympic medals
in the 1972 summer olympics The End http://history1900s.about.com/od/timelines/tp/1970timeline.htm
http://www.poemhunter.com/lyrics/jackson-5/biography/ http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1970s.html http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schooladventures/womenofthecentury/decadebydecade/1970s.html http://history1900s.about.com/od/timelines/tp/1970timeline.htm work cited http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schooladventures/womenofthecentury/decadebydecade/1970s.html
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