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UI-NE450: Introduction to the course 0

R. A. Borrelli

R. A. Borrelli

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of UI-NE450: Introduction to the course 0


Introduction to the course

Bob Borrelli
Outcomes for the course and online presence

Any coders?

What the course is about
What is nuclear engineering?
What kind of work is done?
What is the difference between science and engineering?
Math is done. A lot. Being able to describe phenomena with math is important and a powerful tool.

What to get out of the course
Understanding nuclear engineering problems
Skills to solve them
Scientific computing concepts
Breakdown for the course
Assignments require outside research
Collaboration is encouraged

Introduction to nuclear engineering, John R. Lamarsh, ISBN 0-201-14200-7 (1983).
Fundamentals of nuclear science and engineering, J. Kenneth Shultis, Richard E. Faw, ISBN 0-8247-0834-2 (2002).
Nuclear chemical engineering, M. Benedict, T. H. Pigford, H. W. Levi, ISBN 0-07-004531-3 (1981).

Follow along with book
No specific reading assignments but it will guide the course

Pedagogical approach
Context based learning
Moderately paced
Guidelines are broad and it is up to you to figure out solutions, like real-life engineering

Online class management
Lectures on prezi
Message boards and announcements on piazza --> go there now and show syllabus --> Class Survey
Both have phone/tablet apps for android/apple


Prerequisites ish
Differential equations - just Laplace transform and standard models
Matrix algebra, etc.
Learn a real graphing program
Use my python graphing code
Nuclear energetics
Binary nuclear reactions
Radiation interactions with matter
Detection and measurement of radiation
Radiation doses and risk assessment
Monte Carlo simulation
Principles of nuclear reactors and nuclear power
Nonproliferation and nuclear weapons
Learning modules
Human skill based on a set of principles derived from practices and capable of being taught

Knowledge, which consists of knowing why or knowing that

The end of which is realized in the very doing of the activity

Practical wisdom
Aristotle also had something to say about engineering education apparently
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