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Carbonation Weathering

No description

Jane M

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Carbonation Weathering

Carbonation Weathering
What is weathering?
Weathering is the process of rocks, soils and minerals breaking down
Heat, cold, water and ice all contribute to weathering
There are two types of weathering, mechanical and chemical
Mechanical weathering is when the rock breaks down into smaller pieces, physically
Chemical weathering is when rocks down through chemical changes
Erosion is when wind, glaciers, or water break down the surface of the Earth
Carbonation weathering
Carbonation weathering is a type of chemical weathering
it is the process of mixing water with carbon dioxide to make carbonic acid
this type of weathering is important in making caves
dissolved carbon dioxide in water or in moist air forms carbonic acid, and this acid reacts to minerals in rocks
Carbonic Acid
Carbonic acid is the mixture of water and carbon dioxide
it is a weak acid
it is the only acid lungs exhale as gas
It forms two kinds of salts- carbonates and bicarbonates
The Appalachian mountains 500 years ago
Appalachians now
The wearing down on these mountains were caused by erosion !
By: Jane, Maddie, and Mia
Thank You!
Weathering- The breaking down of rock through physical or chemical changes
Erosion- The movement of rock from one place to another
Chemical Weathering- Breaking down rock through chemical process
Mechanical Weathering- Breaking down rock through things like animals and wind
Carbonic acid- A mixture of water and carbon dioxide
Affects On Earths Surface
Two examples of carbonation weathering are The Limestone Pavement and The Stalactites and Stalagmites.
This land form is made entirely of limestone
and formed by rainwater carbonation and
the freezing and thawing process
this land form is also made of limestone.
It was created by large amounts of calcium
being dissolved in them.
Carbonation weathering changes earths surface in many different ways, like with rainwater.
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