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Noise Pollution

No description

Brianna Keeling

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Noise Pollution


is displeasing or excessive noise that may disrupt the activity or balance of human or animal life."

Human Health Effects
- Hearing impairment
- Hypertension
- Ischemic heart disease
- Annoyance
- Causes changes to the
immune system
- Causes birth defects

Noise surrounds us everywhere we go.

- Stress
- Panic Attack
- Memory Loss
- Severe Depression

Sources of noise pollution
Transportation systems are the one of the main sources
Social events
Household sources
Commercial and industrial activities
Transportation Systems
Social Events
Household Sources
Commercial and Industrial activities
Construct buildings with sound absorbent walls
Plant more trees in because it absorbs the sound
Place transportation systems far away from residential areas
Service and tune vehicle regularly
Employers should provide employees, who are exposed to a lot of noise, with sound protection equipment
Animal Health Effects
- Hearing loss
- Inability to hear important environmental cues and animal signals
- Increases heart rate
- Increases respiration
- Increases stress
- Lose ability to reproduce
- Causes them to leave their territory

Brianna Keeling 12H
- www.eschooltoday.com
- www.noisecontrol.com
- www.wikipedia.com
- www.naturesounds.com
- www.noisyhelp.com

Noise levels can only be measured with a transducer, noise dosimeter, audiometer, electronic amplifier and calibrated attenuator in decibels.
Noise Level Chart
Which makes it much more difficult for a person to determine if they are exposed to an unhealthy noise level
"The World Health Organization reports that the single most common irreversible occupational hazard is noise-induced hearing impairment." (noisehelp.com)
Protect yourself
15% of adults have permanent hearing damage because of the level of noise they were exposed to
20% of adolescents have suffered some degree of hearing loss
Abrupt loud noises harms the eardrum
Constant background noises harms the middle ear
Both noises causes psychological damage
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