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Students Should Have Dress Codes

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Joseph Thomson

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Students Should Have Dress Codes

I think all schools should have dress codes, students shouldn't be able to wear anything they want it shows how you don't care about school. Wearing the proper clothing for school gives a more educational environment, not wearing whats except able gives a distraction.

Students Should Have Dress Codes
What Are Dress Codes?
Anything inappropriate
Short shorts
pants hanging down
low cut shirts on girls
Of Dress Codes In
People get better grades
Girls and boys can't wear inappropriate garments
All students must take off all hats or hoods in the school
Safety is another reason for dress codes because dress codes promote a positive educational environment
Wearing inappropriate clothing shows a distraction
Schools should have dress codes.
There are many reasons why they should, this video speaks for itself!
Some schools require students to have the belt line exposed at all times for the fear of guns under the clothing
Schools forbid students to wear gang related colors/garments to school
56 percent of public schools enforce a strict dress code. A strict dress code might include regarding fabrics, colors or styles, and often times logos or images.
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