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Operant Conditioning

No description

Laura Rennie

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Operant Conditioning

A way to manage behaviour Operant Conditioning Positive Reinforcement AKA - Reward
~Reward given after action
~Eg. Candy for good behaviour
Negative Reinforcement Positive Punishment AKA Punishment
~Negative result after an action
~Eg. Shock Therapy
Negative Punishment AKA Penalty~Something is taken away after an action
~Eg. Child thrown temper tantrum so you take a toy away Extinction Action becomes inconsequential
ie. If you ignore the action it stops
Skinner's Box Light would turn on, rat would push button and food came out

Reaction time became quicker because of reward AKA Escape~Reward is removal of a stressor upon action~Eg. Stop the bop
Skinner's Box Study changed

When lever pushed electric shock would enter the floor

Rat stopped pushing lever
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