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No description

Vidu Abeywickrama

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of PetFinda

Our Team
*David Barclay-Manager and web developer.

*Joe Hodges-Market Research

*Digby Simpson-Branding and Advertising

*Ben Loads-Finance

*Vidu Abeywickrama-Presenter/salesperson
What is PetFinda
*PetFinda is a Site where pet owners and breeders can sell their pets on a central database.
*Our aim is to help you find the purrfect pet

*Trade Me
-$29 to list a pet
-Additional costs for stronger advertising
-We have cheaper costs almost all the time

Find the Purrfect Pet
Our Logo
Dog and Cat Breeders
*Hard to use and understand
*Only sell dogs and cats
*Some Breeder websites are out of date
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
Office rent
Website running
Annual Revenue
Advertising costs
Annual costs
Bank loan
Net Profit
Public and breeders Opinion
*The breeders said that they would use our site
*Young children want pets more
*Every 9-10 year old wanted a pet
*Charge less than Trade-Me
*Include clips, images and links to breeders
*Base fees, not per click or per sale
*Advertising on Facebook and Google
*We will spend some of the money on advertising
*We are advertising on the web, so people can find the site more easily
*The first place people will look for a pet is the web

Future expansion
*We will expand to other countries
*Introducing extra costs for more important listing
*Other companies can advertise through our site.
*Sell accessories
The Big Problem
*We recognized a problem with finding the right pet.
*There are no pet websites that allowed you to look at all different types of pet on one website.
*Trade me was the only site that allowed you to buy a wide variety of animals.
*To dificult to look through hundreds of breeder websites to find a pet.
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